Tips from an Orange County Test Prep Tutor: 5 things to do before taking the fall SAT


As students are adjusting to being back in a classroom, they also have to think about when they’ll take their SAT. The test dates can sneak up on students pretty quickly, so it’s a good idea to make sure they’re 100% prepared for this important exam. There are several things high school students can do including taking a practice exam, tracking progress, and focusing on strengths and weaknesses. Students will have several opportunities throughout the year to take the SAT, but they’re more likely to see improvement if they know what to do ahead of time. The next opportunity to take the SAT is in November, so there’s not too much time to waste – It’s never too early to book your Orange County SAT test prep tutor.

1. Take a practice exam

One of the first things college prep students should do is take a full-length practice exam. This is especially important because the SAT was completely overhauled and will be an entirely new experience for many students. Taking a practice exam allows test-takers to determine what they’re really good at and what they might need help with. Maybe they’re totally skilled at word problems on the math section, but they need help with Founding Documents. Whatever the situation is, students will have a much better idea of what they’re up against after taking a practice exam. Additionally, because a practice exam is taken at home it doesn’t count for anything, so if students want to improve they’ll be able to do so without potential colleges and universities knowing about it.

2. Identify strengths and weaknesses

It’s important for students to look at their overall score so they know what set of colleges they should be applying to but, it’s also important for them to look at a score breakdown from each section. If they can identify the areas they need to work on most they can save a ton of time in the long run by focusing in on these, and only these, issues. Additionally, students should consult a one-on-one tutor who’ll be able to tell them what they need help with and create a game plan (READ: 5 Awesome SAT Apps).

3. Track progress

Test preparation can be pretty stressful overall, and many students start to feel overwhelmed by the end of the semester. A great way to keep stress low is to keep confidence high. When students see how far they came from their first practice tests, they’re likely to feel proud of their progress and know they are on the right track. Maybe they’re only halfway to their final goal, but they’ve already done a ton of work and deserve to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.

4. Meet with an Orange County test prep tutor

College entrance exam prep is one of the most popular and sought-after topics when it comes to private tutoring. These topics are not extensively covered in the high school environment, so students are pretty much left to their own devices when it comes to improving their scores. As a result, students who get a little bit of help often see significant improvement. Some students need help with their math and English overall while others just need a few tips and tricks to get through this complicated and long exam – book your SAT Orange County tutor today.

5. Look at potential colleges

It’s also a great idea for students to look at what colleges they might consider applying to before they take the real exam. Students should determine what the “average” admitted student’s test scores are. Then they can shoot for that score (or higher) when they take the test. If students fall short of their ideal score during their practice exam, they still have time to practice and improve before their November or December test date. Looking at colleges also helps students be prepared in general and give them something positive and exciting to think about as they go through their college prep journey.

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