Five Things Every Student Should do Before Going Back to School this Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and there are a few short days left until students go back to school. There are some things every student should do before going back to the classroom to be successful and have a well-balanced and low-stress experience throughout the year. It’s important to get organized, be mentally rested, and prepare for the year ahead. Students who know what to expect during the first weeks of school are much more likely to be successful overall and enjoy this time of their life as they receive their K-12 education.

1. Organize your workspace

Students who have an organized workspace will be able to jump right into homework assignments that will appear sooner than they might think. Students should have access to a desk, paper and pencil to take notes, a laptop or desktop computer, various highlighters, sticky notes and other helpful organizational tools, and a comfortable chair. Keeping on top of assignments and deadlines as well as keeping subjects separated will help students of any grade level prepare for the year ahead (READ: Get your elementary school kid ready for back-to-school in the Fall).

2. Join a study group

Most students end up joining a study group after they start falling behind on assignments. However, it’s better to join a study group before school even starts and get to know other dedicated classmates who will be supportive and serve as good peer role models. Each member of the group should have similar goals and enough time to dedicate to the success of the group. When students break up tasks and help each other stay organized they end up being more successful in general and also have higher self-esteem when it comes to academics.

3. Finish last-minute summer assignments

Students in younger grades won’t start academic work until the school year starts up in a couple of weeks. Older students, however, may have had summer assignments that are due on the very first day of class. Advanced placement courses have a long list of summer assignments, so it’s important that students finish all of these assignments in the next few days to avoid falling behind. Additionally, students who are preparing to take their SAT or ACT in the fall want to make sure they have completed all the test prep needed before they tackle classroom assignments.

4. Meet up with school friends

Many young students have different friends at school than during the summer. This is especially true for kids who live far away from their local school or attend a private school program. The first day of school is a lot easier when kids can look forward to seeing a good group of friends at the other end of the room. It’s a great idea to meet up with school friends before the first day so students can reacquaint themselves and make some plans after school to make the first couple of weeks enjoyable.

5. Find out about the new teacher

Students will also be getting to know a new teacher once they start school in the fall and may be a little bit stressed out wondering who he or she will be. Classroom lists are usually available a few days before the start of the school year so kids can find out who their new teacher will be. This takes a little bit of uncertainty out of the first day and makes it easier for kids to feel comfortable in the classroom environment.

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