Tips from a Private Orange County Tutor: 5 Things That Happen When Kids Have Too Much Screen Time

We all know that it’s not good for kids to spend their whole day watching TV or playing video games. However, screen time also includes looking at a computer, tablet, or cell phone.  It’s important to think about having an appropriate balance because extended screen time can be a detriment in and of itself but may also take away from important activities that children should experience. So what are the downsides of too much screen time?


1. Time away from nature

When kids are on their computers or tablets most of the afternoon, they’re not spending time outside playing with their peers or enjoying nature. It’s important for people of all ages to have an opportunity to go outside when the weather is nice. Time in nature makes people more relaxed, can help kids stay calm and focused, and alleviate stress. Every hour a student is at their screen unnecessarily is an hour they could be enjoying the outdoors

2. Time in solitude

When kids are at a screen, they are not interacting with other kids. Playing a video game with another live player in another state doesn’t count.  Although video games and social media can be fun, is important that young kids don’t spend too much time in solitude. This period is a huge transition when children can learn valuable social skills that will help them in the classroom and their social lives. Many students find it difficult to resolve small conflicts and follow directions in the classroom if they spend most of their day distracted by a computer screen or video game console (READ: “What is an Experimental Section on a Standardized Test?”).

3. Not enough sleep

The blue light emanating from computers and tablets tends to keep people of all ages awake past their ideal bedtime. It’s especially important for growing kids and teens to get enough sleep so they can rest and recover from the day before and be prepared to succeed in the classroom the next day. Additionally, teens that get caught up on social media sites will often distract themselves from enjoying a restful period before they go off to sleep (READ: “Irvine AP Tutor: How Many AP Classes are Too Many?”).

4. Lack of concentration

Many kids struggle with concentration in general. However, younger students who have particular difficulty focusing on assignments or directions are often the same children who have unlimited screen time. Children are now using screens at school to complete assignments and do research in addition to any social screen time they spend at home. Although screen time is a side effect of some precious research materials, it’s important to keep the time limited when possible so that students don’t lose their concentration altogether.

5. Too much work?

Extended screen time may also be a symptom of too much homework. Students, especially as they get into high school, have hours upon hours of homework to do each day. If teens come home from school and sit in front of a laptop or tablet all afternoon and evening, they might be totally overwhelmed with academics. It’s important to look at how much homework a student has for each class and see if any adjustments can be made. Perhaps they need to practice speed reading or learn to take notes more efficiently. They might need help learning how to skim through the important material to find key terms and definitions. Students shouldn’t have to work on academics 12 hours a day, but if they are spending a ton of time at a screen, it’s probably an indication that they simply have too much homework to complete in one study session.

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