Orange County Summer Tutor Tips: 5 Reasons to Play Sports over the Summer


Organized sports activities are a huge part of many children’s upbringing. However, the sports season can get to be overwhelming for some students when combined with academic responsibilities and increased homework assignments. If this is the case, summer can be a great time for kids to participate in sports and athletic activities. In fact, students who are not a fan of organized sports can still benefit from more independent forms of physical activity. In order to receive an overall well-rounded education, it’s a good idea for kids to learn about health and fitness to keep their body feeling well in addition to keeping their mind sharp through academics.

1. Socialization and teamwork

Organized sports provide an excellent opportunity to develop essential social skills such as teamwork. The majority of the academic year is focused on individual achievements thus summer sports activities are a great opportunity to learn the value of contributing to a team. Depending on the child’s age and athletic goals, sports activities are ranging from fun and lightly competitive recreational leagues and camps to highly competitive regional sports teams. Summer is also a great opportunity for kids to try out different organized sports to see which ones they enjoy the most. Many sports camps are only one week long and can offer children a variety of choices (READ: 10 Reasons You Need a Summer Tutor).

2. Self-esteem

The academic year requires kids to be very competitive if they are going to succeed, especially as they grow older and get closer to college applications. Children’s sports teams are also competitive, but they provide coaching that helps players track improvement and focus on personal goals as well as playing a valuable role as part of a team. Children who gain athletic ability will often be able to enhance their self-esteem and make growing up a little bit easier.

3. Fitness and nutrition

Knowing about health, fitness, and nutritious eating habits is also part of a well-rounded education. When children play sports over the summer, they learn about what types of foods can fuel their body and give them more energy and which foods just make them more tired. Kids can also learn about athletics through kinesthetic learning and coordination, which can help their overall fitness and keep them healthy through their teenage years (READ: Irvine Summer Tutor Tips: 5 Ways to Transition to Summer).

4. Problem solving

Problem-solving is also a valuable aspect of playing sports, whether in an organized league or a casual neighborhood game. There are tons of variables that need to be addressed when it comes to focusing on a goal of beating another team or learning how to cope when a player is out sick. When children learn to problem-solve as a group or with the help of a coach they learn valuable skills that can be used in a classroom setting as well as in life in general.

5. Making a commitment

Choosing a sport to play over the summer also helps children learn about the importance of making and keeping a commitment. If children can choose which sport or athletic endeavor they want to participate in they have a little bit of choice over their schedule and can learn that sometimes it’s a challenge to keep a commitment even to something fun. Learning to prioritize multiple activities (especially for older students who need to multitask) is an important part of growing up and learning to thrive during challenging periods. The summer is an ideal amount of time to commit to something because, if kids end up choosing an activity they don’t enjoy, the commitment will only go on for a couple of months at most.

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