5 reasons you know it’s time to hire an Orange County tutor


Students have been back in the classroom for a while and are, hopefully, well adjusted to all of the academic tasks they have to cope with throughout the school year. If students are struggling with core subjects or having difficulty concentrating at this point in the term, it’s probably no longer due to an adjustment from summer break. Students may need a little bit of extra help getting organized, especially with all of the things they have to do in the classroom and for homework assignments. Each student is an individual and will have different needs, but there are five universal signs that a student needs to work with a private Orange County tutor.

1. An overabundance of stress

Except midterm and finals week students should be enjoying the process of learning and school overall. Learning new things can be stressful, and a little bit of stress is not harmful, but if students are overwhelmed with the stress they may be unable to cope on their own. In many cases, a tutor can come to the home and help students get organized. Often students discover they are totally capable on an academic level but need help streamlining homework assignments and prioritizing what needs to get done first. When students are studying more efficiently, their stress will lower, and they’ll be more successful overall.

2. A sharp decline in grades

Grades will go up and down throughout the year depending on the subject matter and level of difficulty. However, if a student usually gets straight A’s and they are, all of a sudden, bringing home C’s and D’s, parents should see it as a warning sign. A sharp to decline in grades may mean that a student is struggling with new learning material or their stress level is so high that they have just given up. It’s important that students have a chance to get some help before these few assignments affect their overall GPA (READ: 4 Reasons Students Should Take an Extracurricular This Fall).

3. Students are avoiding starting homework

Students don’t love homework assignments to start with but if they are avoiding getting started with homework on a regular basis, students might need a little bit of extra help with study skills or organization. In many cases, the actual academic assignments are not so bad, but they may require students to organize at a level they’re not used to or be extremely efficient with time management. Many students and parents complain that they have too much homework to complete and so working with a tutor to streamline assignments can make homework a lot easier in general.

4. Comments from the teacher

The classroom teacher works with students on a daily basis and has a good idea whether a student is just experiencing normal ups and downs or if they’re truly struggling with new material. As students enter middle and high school, the assignments become more challenging, and stress levels increase dramatically. If a teacher notes that a student would benefit from extra help, it’s a big sign to the parents that their kid might need to work with a one-on-one tutor until they get back on track.

5. A student no longer has a favorite subject

Most elementary school students have a favorite subject that they always enjoy learning about from day to day. However, if a student expresses they no longer love science or that they’re no longer interested in reading it might be a sign that the subject matter has become more difficult than they’re used to. It can be frustrating for students to have a barrier to learning, especially if it’s their favorite subject and so working with a tutor can help them get past the hurdles and love their favorite subject once again.

It’s smart to get an Orange County private tutor early on in the school year. Call us today to learn more.

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