5 Reasons to Have a Job on Campus

Almost all students have to work at least part-time during college, students who are lucky enough to be one of the few that don’t are advised to focus 100% on their studies and feel very fortunate. However, the rest of us have some important decisions to make about balancing income and academics. Most professors will advocate strictly for academics, and they should because it’s their job to advocate for education after all. However, if a student can’t pay their tuition, this advice is not entirely helpful. So how can a college student find that delicate harmony between work and study? One of the best ways to achieve this is to find a job on campus.


1. Save valuable time

Students who live on campus without personal transportation often find it difficult to get to and from an off-campus job. The 45 minutes or so one-way waiting for the bus or riding a bike is time that could be better spent studying for exams. However, students who work on campus can simply walk a few blocks and be at work. Any time that isn’t spent commuting is time a student can use to either study or work more and earn more.

2. Be a part of the community

Students who work on campus will remain a part of the larger campus community. Nearly all of their coworkers will also be students, and they will have the opportunity to meet student colleagues from nearly every discipline and field of study. Students who work on campus can use work as a way to participate in student networking as well as making new friends.

3. Working around a student schedule

Students who have an off-campus job often find that they have to make some very tough decisions when finals week comes around. While some part-time employers are kind enough to recognize that their collegiate employees will need time off during finals week, many are not. Countless students have had to choose between either quitting their jobs for risking failing final exams. This is not a decision student workers should have to make. On-campus employers know that all of their employees will be unavailable during certain weeks of the term. They tend to be a lot more flexible and willing to work around a student’s academic schedule (READ: “The Dos and Don’ts of Dropping a College Course”).

4.  Income for international students

Although students on F1 student visas are generally not allowed to earn money while in the United States, there’s often an exception to work on campus. This gives international students the opportunity to earn some pocket money to help subsidize the cost of international tuition. It also allows international students to immerse themselves in US culture and get to know a mixture of local people and make some potential job connections for the future.

5. Keep on top of academics

Being on campus reminds students that their primary reason for being there is to study. If a student is starting to fall behind with their educational obligations, being surrounded by fellow students and professors on a daily basis is a good reminder of the ultimate prize. Although being able to pay the bills and tuition is extremely important, students who work off-campus can easily get distracted and veer away from their ultimate goal of obtaining a bachelors degree.

In short

Most American students will need to earn pocket change, at a minimum, while in college; there are many different places students can work and many different ways to earn money. On-campus student jobs are some of the best options for students who would like to maintain that delicate all-important balance between work and study. Still in the application phase? Our Orange County college admissions consultants are here to help (READ: “8 Reasons Applicants Fail to Get Into the College of Their Choice”).

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