5 Reasons to Get an In-Home Orange County Tutor this Summer

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The summer is a great opportunity for students to focus on one or two difficult subjects that they tend to struggle with throughout the year. There are many great ways students can get help with academics, but an in-home Orange County tutor provides students with the opportunity to work one-on-one in the comfort of their home. In many cases, those difficult subjects are best dealt with if the student can give it 100% of their focus and not be distracted by other issues that tend to appear in a classroom environment. Additionally, when working one-on-one, the student and tutor can develop a rapport where the student will eventually become more comfortable asking questions and learning about their academic strengths and weaknesses. The color is a great time to get started on academic improvement because students don’t have to deal with the many demands that present themselves once they start school again in the fall.

1. One step at a time

When students work with a private tutor, they have the opportunity to tackle subjects one step at a time. They don’t have to follow the rest of the group or worry about falling behind. If a concept doesn’t make sense, the student and tutor can simply go over it in a different way until it does. The student will essentially determine the timeline of study in a one-on-one learning environment so the tutor will be able to work around their schedule and prepare lessons that increase or decrease in intensity depending on the stress level of the student. Also, as soon as a student has mastered one concept they can move on straight away rather than waiting for the remainder of the group to be ready (READ: Why you should get a test prep tutor over the summer).

2. Building confidence

Another great thing about summer in-home tutoring is that it allows the student to build their confidence in a comfortable environment. It can be very nerve-wracking for students to ask questions in a classroom of 30 peers especially if their academic self-esteem has been dwindling. However, once a rapport is built, most students are comfortable asking questions about any particular topic. Additionally, because the tutor is working with the student one-on-one, they can tell if a concept or explanation doesn’t make sense. This gives the educator an opportunity to break things up into smaller pieces or review difficult information when necessary.

3. A quiet environment

In-home tutoring allows students to tackle difficult concepts in a quiet environment. For older students, this might be studying for college entrance exams while for younger students it might be tackling difficult math problems or working on reading comprehension. Working within the home environment also reduces stress and can help a student avoid viewing education as a difficult chore that has to be tackled. Rather, they can view it as something fun and informative.

4. Time for summer fun

When students work in a one-on-one environment, they have an opportunity to condense information and learn faster. This also means they will have more time to play outside, join sports teams, or just hang out with friends. It’s so important for children of all ages to have time to enjoy their summer and have a little bit of fun before they go back to being a full-time student in the fall. The great thing about one-on-one tutoring is that it allows a student to catch up or get ahead academically while still being a kid (READ: Back at home for the summer: Tips to help with the transition).

5. Complicated topics

In-home tutors are experts in their field and can work with several different students who need help with the same subject. This is fabulous for the student because it means they can work with somebody who can help them tackle those complicated topics that become more difficult as time goes by. In many cases, difficult subjects fall by the wayside in a classroom environment because a student also has to focus on several other subjects to maintain an high overall GPA. One-on-one tutors can break up these complicated topics into smaller steps and help a student focus during the summer months.

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