Tips From a San Diego College Tutor: 5 Campus Resources You Shouldn’t Miss

Every college offers a ton of excellent campus resources. Unfortunately, many of them are underused. The transition from high school to college is challenging, and students generally rush from class to work or class to a party. Once it becomes a routine, it’s easy to forget about all the excellent things available outside the classroom. Things such as the Athletic Center, student transportation, the Career Center, the Academic Advising Center, and the Ombudsman are often brushed aside by busy students with busy schedules. However, these resources can make the college experience complete and can also make the post-collegiate experience easier and more productive – give yourself an advantage with the help of a San Diego private college tutor from TutorNerds.


1 – The Athletic Complex

Many students think the Athletic Complex is reserved only for athletes. At most universities, this is not the case. Although the pool will be closed when the swim team is training and the weight room is reserved for the football team during practice, it’s usually available to all students at no extra cost during off times. Exercise is a great way to maintain physical health in general and reduce stress for busy students. It’s also a great way to take a break during those multi-hour study sessions that will occur during midterms and finals week. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of their athletic complex to maintain health and happiness during their university experience (READ: “Staying Focused At Community College”).

2 – Student Transportation

Getting to campus is hard enough, and the majority of college students don’t own a car but they may be walking and cycling more than they need to. Although exercise is good, rushing from class to class carrying heavy books may not be advantageous in climates with extreme weather. Many campuses offer a free trolley or bus that transports students from one part of campus to the other. Although there will be some wait time, students who want to get from their class to the student center two miles away, may find that a five-minute wait in line will get them there faster. On-campus transportation is rarely used but it can be a helpful way to navigate larger universities.

3 – The Career Center

Most students don’t think about the Career Center until their senior year or even after graduation. In reality, it’s best to stop by the Career Center before committing to a major. Many students have an idea of what field or fields they might like to study but are unaware of the specifics. It’s important to know about potential salaries, the latest and greatest job search websites, what is expected during the application process for each field, how to create an online resume, and how to be resilient if the dream job situation doesn’t work out right away. Every single college student should visit the Career Center at least once!

4 – The Academic Advising Center

Hopefully, students visit the Academic Advising Center here and there, but most students don’t go as often as they should. Choosing classes to meet general education and major requirements is only the beginning of what the Academic Advising Center can provide. Their services can be used in conjunction with a Career Center and students can determine if they should add a minor, change their major, or even complete a double major. The Academic Advising Center will also help students determine if their GPA is on track for honors or undergraduate research opportunities that could lead them to graduate school. It’s recommended that students visit the Academic Advising Center at least once a semester (READ: “5 Signs You Need a College Math Tutor”).

5 – The Ombudsman

Most students haven’t even heard of the Ombudsman, however they can provide an important resource if things on campus aren’t working out. The Ombudsman’s job is to provide conflict resolution and guidance between different academic departments, students and their peers, and students and their professors. Although students hope the Ombudsman’s services are not needed, it’s a good idea to know that they’re available, and where their office is located just in case things don’t go as planned.

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