5 Benefits of Developing Great Teamwork


Working as a team is something that every student will have to do throughout their K-12 experience and promotes valuable skills that will help them conquer college and career. For the most part, students are graded based on their abilities, and so they sometimes get frustrated when they work as a team. Alternately, some students love working with peers especially those with similar interests and abilities. Either way, developing great teamwork is one of the best ways students can be successful in a practical environment.

1.  Practice for the future

Once students finish their education and go out into the working world, they will work as part of a team on a regular basis. Students who develop these skills early are likely to be more successful when they get out into the real world. Many teachers assign group projects so that students have the opportunity to work on this skill during the early and middle grades. Getting along with different personality types is one of the best ways to achieve a complex goal and meet important deadlines in either school or career.

2. Sharing responsibility

Students who develop great teamwork can split up tasks and play to their set of strengths. This allows members of the group to help each other out and share responsibility so that they can finish a particular assignment or reach the desired goal. Teamwork isn’t just for group assignments, in fact, students might want to start a club, organize a community service project, or help plan a field trip. When students work together, they can achieve more with less individual effort (READ: Costa Mesa Tutoring Tips: Improve Your Studying Skills Over the Summer).

3. Communication

Working as part of a team also helps kids learn how to communicate effectively and will help them out in every part of their lives. Communication skills are essential in the K-12 environment but will also encourage success in the working world as well as student’s personal lives. There are so many instances where clear communication can resolve a conflict with classmates or friends, but most kids need to work on these issues before finding the right words to say. Kids who can communicate well tend to do better in school, have more friends and be able to ask for help more easily.

4. Personal encouragement

When students work as part of a team, they also encourage each other to be successful and focus on important study habits that will help them throughout their education. Kids who work as a team can help each other with academics, be great role models for each other, and provide a peer support system when students start to become overwhelmed with homework assignments or test prep. Once students get into the college prep years, personal encouragement will become more important than ever as students persevere through this stressful but important time in their education.

5. Group projects

Students who develop great teamwork skills will also be successful when it comes to group assignments. Many teachers want to see how well their students can work together and will assign points based on good teamwork. Teachers want to see that students can get along and share responsibility rather than just be successful when working as an individual. Every student will have the opportunity to complete a group assignment all the way from first grade through the end of college. Whether students are working as part of a team to complete a 2nd-grade science project or getting together with classmates to organize a brand new college level club, teamwork is a helpful skill that propels students towards success.

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