A Smartphone Makes a Smart Student With These 5 SAT Apps

Right now it’s sunny and 85 degrees outside, the Pacific Ocean is calling to you and the thought of school is far, far away. Believe it or not it’s only about a month until school starts up again in the fall and the SAT is right around the corner (READ: “8 SAT Essay Tips“). You have signed up for the October SAT, right? Whether you are taking the SAT in October or December, August is the right time to be working on your SAT test prep study (CLICK: “SAT Registration“).

Now, as a disclaimer, apps, youtube videos, and books are all helpful, but nothing prepares you better than an in-home Orange County SAT tutor. Our private tutors have taken the SAT, gone to college, and tutored many students to success. It’s about reaching your potential and growing confidence. Ready to score high?

Back to the post, I often see people on their phones, even at the beach, so why not spend some of your technology time studying your way into college? Check out these 5 fantastic SAT apps to help you get started on your summer SAT journey (READ: “Summer Spent Well: What Are Colleges Looking For?”).

1. IntelliVacab lite for SAT

Okay, so have you ever had someone like me show up at your door for SAT tutoring and they ask you, “so how many vocab words have you learned so far?”. And you think to yourself, “Um none”. This is totally normal and actually very common. Although I strongly recommend that the best way to learn new vocab is in-context (Your Irvine SAT tutor will help explain this to you), the reality is that some vocab words found on the SAT are words that you will never, ever use again (unless you become an SAT tutor or go work for the College Board). For those words you just have to sit down and learn them. You could make 3,500 flash cards (no thanks) or you could try this app. IntelliVocab lite for SAT is designed to learn your patterns of weakness and which words trip you up time and time again and then focuses on them. That’s pretty smart huh? As an added bonus it’s FREE.

2. Edupath SAT Prep and College Search

This app helps you track your progress as you study. It would make a great companion study tool to your tutoring sessions. Edupath SAT Prep will tell you which areas that you need to focus on and then you can tell your tutor what your weaknesses are and you can work on them together. As an extra feature, this app helps you find colleges that might fit your goals and career needs. So many students are overwhelmed with the hundreds of choices of colleges and universities. Most students don’t know which schools will accept their current SAT scores. Also, knowing where you want to go to college can help you figure out the specific SAT scores that you need.Pretty cool! Also FREE.


3. SAT Up

SAT Up can actually help you correct the problems that you answered incorrectly. This app will take you through the process step by step. For many math students, missing even one step can mean the difference between up to 100 points. This is also a great companion study tool. FREE!

4. SATLadder

SATLadder allows users to compete and challenge other real life test prep students. This is a great way to see how you stack up to other students taking the SAT this fall. Let’s face it, colleges will be doing the same.

5. Vocab Ahead

This app, Vocab Ahead, features videos where the vocabulary word is pronounced for you. Users also get a definition and hear the word used in a sentence. Hearing a word in context makes it easier to remember and it never hurts to hear new words pronounced out loud.

The reality is that students who are taking the SAT in October should be well into their summer study program but if you haven’t started yet now is definitely the time. Even 25 minutes a day can really help you get closer to your college goals. I recommend that you use these apps on the days that you don’t see your SAT tutor. If you are planning to start tutoring this fall (for the December SAT) then get started with these apps now to give you that competitive edge when you start regular study sessions in September.

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