Stay Sharp on Your Summer Road Trip With These Educational Activities

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Many families will take a road trip this summer. This long-standing tradition provides a great opportunity for families to visit various places of interest that bring America’s history to life, teach about the inner workings of politics and government, or display the beautiful natural habitat throughout our country. However, road trips can also test a family’s patience while they deal with traffic jams and endless miles on the road. Two ways families can make the summer road trip experience a success is to break up the drive into smaller parts by looking at educational sights along the way or enriching the road trip with fun activities. When young students had an opportunity to stay occupied and entertained they tend to enjoy family vacations more, and it can be a lifesaver for the whole family.

1. Summer reading series

If kids are going to be in the car for an extended period they might enjoy working on their reading comprehension skills. Of course, when kids read about their favorite characters in a series of novels of their choice it won’t seem like learning but rather just a fun pastime. It’s great for kids just to be able to read independently, learn new vocabulary words, and let their imagination take them to new places during the summer months. It will also keep them busy during those hours on the road (READ: Why You Should Get an Irvine Test Prep Tutor Over the Summer).

2. Coastal view points

Many families will be traveling up and down the California coast to visit family or get to a beach destination this summer. If this is the case, there are several coastal viewpoints that will allow kids to stretch their legs and enjoy a little bit of fresh air will also learning about their environment. Many California view points offer information about the wildlife and plant species that live in that area. Kids can write down the names of birds, marine life, and flowers that grow in the area and take a picture of the local landscape to draw or color later on. There’s education to be found everywhere in nature, and it can provide a great break from a road trip.

3. Historical heritage sites

There are several historical heritage sites throughout California where families can stop, walk around a little bit, and learn something while they’re getting from point A to point B. Travelers can start with the Old Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego County, visit the mission in San Juan Capistrano in Orange County, and view the Old Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara County. There are hundreds of national landmarks and heritage sites throughout California so there are plenty of opportunities for families to pick what will be most exciting for their kids.

4. Pop culture

California has tons of pop culture to offer, and it actually can have a great deal of educational value. Pop culture influences advertising, economics, commerce, and finance in many different ways. Most kids won’t think of pop culture as something educational, so they will probably just see it as a fun stop along their family trip. In many ways, pop culture plays a big part of California and America’s history and can enlighten kids to the world around them. Whether road trippers stop and take a behind-the-scenes movie tour or look at Disney’s many pop culture symbols, there’s plenty to see in Southern California (READ: 5 Great Reasons to Volunteer this Summer)

5. The natural habitat

California also offers a beautiful natural habitat where traveling families can simply relax and unwind in nature as a break from their road trip. Traveling up the coast, kids will see everything from a desert to the ocean to the redwood forest. There are so many different options to get out in nature and enjoy the peace and quiet of an outdoor experience. This provides a welcome contrast to the hustle and bustle of school year activities.

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