Tips from a Private Orange County Tutor: 5 Apps for Going Back to School

The practicalities of going back to school are a lot easier these days than they were in the past. Students have more learning options ranging from being a full-time on-campus university student to studying part-time in an online program in the comfort of their own home. However, one thing hasn’t changed. It’s still a challenge to adjust from working full-time and having free evenings to being a student once again. Adult students often have to juggle a job and family activities in addition to their studies while still enjoying a little bit of relaxation here and there. It’s essential students get organized, set reasonable goals, and utilize all the study tools available to make their back to school experience a success. These apps help students go from full-time job to full-time student in no time.


1. MyLifeOrganized

This app can work on a laptop or phone so that students going back to school can access their information conveniently. This task list management tool allows adult students to keep track of all the assignments they have to complete in addition to a full or part-time job they might have. Because adult students generally have to juggle school, work, and family, it’s important to stay highly organized throughout the going back to school process. Users will also be able to import information directly from an email into the app as a way of saving valuable time. There is both a free and pro version of MyLifeOrganized ranging in price between $9.95 and $59.95 depending on the version the student wants.

2. 30/30

Adult students need to utilize every last minute of their day. However, difficult tasks can be easier to complete in shorter chunks, especially with the multiple demands that mature students need to focus on throughout their day. This app will break tasks up into 30-minute intervals to allow students to organize their time with reasonable expectations. Time management is essential to successfully go back to school and can help students persevere through difficult assignments and exam week. 30/30 is free.

3. StudyBlue

StudyBlue is a great organizational tool that lets students create flashcards and use general study tools to prepare for a quiz or exam. Most adults going back to school will not have used flash cards since they were actually made out of pen and paper. This app provides users with a simple yet efficient organizational study system that helps students learn and memorize different terms and vocab words from all of their courses. There is a free and pro version priced at $10 a month.

4. Graphing calculator

It has probably been a long time since mature students have had to use anything other than a basic calculator. With the exception of people working in math-heavy fields, such as engineering, most students make do with a basic four function calculator. One of the advantages of going back to school today is that the graphing calculator app is only $1.99. In the past, these could easily cost upward of $100. This is an excellent and convenient app for students to use in any math class that requires a graphing calculator.

5. Evernote

Evernote is an excellent organization app. It allows users to capture, save, organize, and share web pages whenever they want to. Students can also take notes and cite sources for assignments. This app is essentially the modern version of a notebook and pen but with the technology to help students utilize the best of the internet whether they are working on a project alone or with classmates. Students can get started by signing up for free.

Apps will only take you so far as a student. Score higher in your classes with the one-on-one help of an Orange County private tutor. Call us today for more information.

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