4 things a business major should do this fall

Business Administration is one of the most popular majors because it gives students a broad range of skills that they can apply to a high-earning field. Once students adjust to college and declare a major, they are encouraged to become involved in their field and start preparing for a career. Business requires students to gain a lot of skills including networking, math, organization, and entrepreneurship. Because business is a broad field there are lots of different aspects of the career students can concentrate on but there are some things every business major should do this fall to be successful.

1. Know your numbers

Many aspects of business administration require students to be savvy with numbers. Students may concentrate on financial aspects of business and will be crunching numbers all day long, or they might just need to know ballpark figures to meet a company’s growth goals for a particular quarter. As a result, business majors should focus on applied math and take courses that are specifically intended for students in their field (READ: 5 Things to do before you go away to college).

2. Network!

Business administration has a huge social element and students should know how to network in a business setting appropriately. Networking for work is not the same as networking for purely social reasons and students are encouraged to learn the difference before graduation. One of the best ways for students to get started at honing their networking skills is to join business related clubs and organizations on campus. Younger students will have the chance to network with upperclassmen, teaching assistants and professors depending on the parameters of the club. Business administration majors are also encouraged to attend lectures and speeches given by visiting professionals. Many on-campus clubs provide opportunities for students to listen to some of the most successful alumni in their field.

3. Choose a concentration

Because business is such a broad field, College students will have an opportunity to choose a particular concentration that they will eventually specialize in. Business majors are encouraged to start thinking about which aspects of business they enjoy the most and which they are most talented in. Is entrepreneurship something of interest? Does the student want to work for a large established corporation? Are they more interested in the financial aspects of business? Do they want to travel and network with people from other countries to focus on international business prospects? Students should not feel that they have to pin down a particular concentration within one semester, but it’s something they should start thinking about.

4. Research internship opportunities

It’s also important for business majors to start thinking about what internship opportunities might become available to them next summer. Internships allow students an opportunity to get their feet wet at a particular company and learn about the day-to-day workings of their future career field. The best internships have steep competition and are filled early on in the year so students are encouraged to do the research now so they can start applying and interviewing soon. Students may even be able to participate in more than one internship if they last only a couple of weeks or return to the same summer-long internship each year until graduation. If possible, students can even get an internship at the corporation they’re interested in working at after graduation so they can start making connections early on.

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