4 reasons to hire a private Orange County tutor to run your study group


Many students work with a study group to enhance their learning experience and encourage each other to do well. Study groups can help students finish assignments as well as work through midterms and finals week. From time to time, however, students get distracted from the task at hand and turn their study group into more of a social activity. This can draw students away from their academic goals and prolong assignments that should not take that long to finish. One of the best ways to avoid this is to hire a tutor to run the study group. Your Orange County tutor from TutorNerds can keep everybody on track and make sure they are focusing on the most critical parts of an assignment or test prep.

1. College entrance exams

Whether students have chosen to take the SAT, ACT, or both, it’s important that they have a test prep expert working with them to reach their goals. Students who study as part of a group can help each other excel in areas they would normally struggle in, but they should have somebody helping with time management and individual goals. Tutors can have each student work on sections of the test they need to improve and even meet with them privately if necessary. Additionally, the tutor can keep the group on track, so they’re moving from one task to another promptly. The scores students receive on their college entrance exams are a huge part of what determines whether or not they are admitted to a particular university, so it’s important to keep things organized and take expert advice.

2. Maintain balance

When a tutor leads a particular study group, they can ensure the group has time to socialize when appropriate but keeps their main focus on academics. The group can have a fun experience as long as students are getting things done on time. Tutors can also maintain balance within the group by making sure each student has a chance to participate equally and work together on especially challenging assignments. Whether students are working on a specific assignment that needs to be completed together or if they are working through longer sessions that occur during midterms and finals week, it’s important to have some guidance when it comes to balancing socialization with education (READ: 4 Reasons to Hire an Orange County Tutor Before the End of the Season).

3. The individual learner

Tutors can work with study groups as a whole but will also be able to pinpoint different elements of learning that each needs to experience. For instance, there may be one person in the group who is an auditory learner and one who is a visual learner; the tutor can balance presentations so that both types of students can benefit. Also, one student might excel in math while another might be more talented when it comes to English and writing. Tutors can work with individual students to make sure they’re getting enough help when it comes to a particularly difficult topic.

4. Time management

In many cases, a study group works well together but discovers they have taken an entire week to cover just one aspect of the study guide. Orange County Tutors can help study groups move forward and allocate a certain amount of time to each topic. They can help students prioritize goals based on individual learning needs as well as remember due dates and especially important assignments. For example, it makes sense to spend several hours on a topic that will be worth 50% of the student’s overall grade but perhaps only a short amount of time is necessary for an extra credit question worth 2%.

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