The 4 Best Organizational Apps to Help Combat Senioritis

The end of senior year is not that far away. Honestly, it can’t come soon enough for seniors who are overwhelmed by months of advanced placement classes and college applications. Students are getting their college acceptance letters, and their minds are already focused on their freshman year of college. Everything seems exciting, everything that is other than staying organized through the end of the year. However, it’s essential that seniors maintain their GPA and finish the year strong to ensure a successful graduation. With distractions coming from every direction students are encouraged to use today’s many organizational apps geared towards helping them stay focused and on task. Some of these apps are specifically meant for students while others are for a broader audience but can be easily utilized by students in high school.


1. Penultimate

Penultimate is simple yet effective. It’s a way for students to take handwritten notes on a digital platform. One important feature of this app is that it can sync with all of the student’s devices so they don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving their laptop or tablet at home. Every teen will have their cell phone with them no matter what so they can always access their notes. Students can take handwritten notes for any class or assignment and quickly save and organize these notes for a later date. Penultimate is designed for iPad and is free (READ: “3 Warning Signs of Senioritis”).

2. Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a digital tracking system that can help students or anyone for that matter, keep track of the amount of time they are online as well as which websites they visit frequently. Often students will look up at the clock to discover that they have spent two hours working on an assignment that should have taken 45 minutes. Where did that time go? Many students spend a ton of time on social media or may have gotten distracted by pop-up ads or unhelpful websites when they were conducting online research. Rescue Time will give users insight into where they need to focus their self-control by giving them an itemized report of which websites they visit and for how long. This app is a little bit expensive starting at $9 per month. However, it can be worth it for students to pay for a couple of months to learn about their study habits.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs is an excellent app for students who need to organize multiple papers, assignments, and drafts throughout the semester. Google provides a large amount of free storage on a laptop and helps students stay on task through user-friendly organization. Additionally, Google Docs allows students to share documents quickly with their study group or tutor. Members of the study group will have a color-coded identity where they can edit in real time, view each other’s ongoing and recent changes, and make suggestions or permanently edit. Google Docs is free (READ: “5 Tips to Remember Those Tricky Test Questions”).

4. Awesome Note 2

Awesome Note 2 is a great simple tool where students can take basic notes to help them stay organized with assignments. Users can take notes during class as well as add in pictures and voice recordings. This app also provides a to-do list and calendar so students can keep track of assignments with long-range due dates. Students can customize the app to their personal needs by creating different folders and their own background. Awesome Note 2 is $3.99.

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