Final exams are not all that far away and can sneak up on many students, even those who are consistently diligent in their study practices. However, there are several things students can do to prepare for these all important and often stressful exams. Whether a student is already working regularly with their long-time tutor or will be starting their exam prep with a new one-on-one tutor for the very first time, getting help with test prep can make a big difference for many students.

Tackle the tough subjects

It’s easy for students to put the most challenging topics on the back burner in favor of subjects the student naturally excels in. Unfortunately this can make life more stressful for students as they near the end of the semester. Tutors are a great resource when it comes to tackling those really tough subjects because they can break up the study sessions into smaller increments when students need a break and prioritize which elements the student needs to work on the most.


It’s essential for students to be organized before they start their exam prep this fall. Taking an hour or so to sit down and figure out which chapters will be fair game for a final exam and how many different parts of a textbook or novel a student will be tested on is an essential form of organization. When students spend a little bit of time organizing up front, it can save them hours and hours as they get closer to finals week.

Meet with your teacher

It can be helpful for students to meet with their teacher and ask how they’ve been doing on their assignments leading up to finals week. In many cases teachers will notice patterns in a student’s homework, other than just their letter grades, that can help them make suggestions regarding what students need to work on the most and what they may need to simply review. Teachers will also generally provide students with extra practice when necessary or offer additional valuable insight about study habits that the student can then share with their tutor.

Set goals!

It’s also a great idea for students to set some study goals before they dive into finals week prep. students might set a goal to reach a certain percentage or letter grade on a particular exam or they might want to set a personal improvement goal based on their midterms or latest homework assignments and quizzes. Students should definitely discuss their individual educational goals with their tutor so they can customize their sessions in order to keep on track.

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