5 things students should do to have a well-rounded experience on campus

Although a few students figure out how to have an excellent work/life balance straight off the bat, most need some time to adjust to the various rigors of studying and living on a college campus. Because living on campus immerses students entirely into their college experience, it can sometimes be hard to achieve this balance and still maintain a good GPA. Although the first semester of freshman year will always be an adjustment, there are some ways students can keep a well-rounded experience while living on campus – our private Orange County college tutors are here to help you make the most of your college years.

1.  Don’t always take your homework home with you

Nearly every student studies in the dorm because they need to work into the late hours of the night or just want a cozy place to complete an assignment. However, it’s beneficial for students to spend some time studying outside of their room. Whether they go to the library or the study room found on the first floor of most dorms, saving their room for sleep and relaxation will help maintain an overall balance. Also, alternate study locations on campus tend to have fewer distractions than a dorm room with a roommate.

2.  Look for new ways to make friends

Unless a student is attending a school close to home with a lot of their high school friends they will need to think about ways to make new friends and have a healthy social balance on campus. Some great ways for students to form new friendships is to join a social club, form a study group, make friends with other students in the dorm, or look for motivated and fun classmates. If students are feeling especially isolated, there are lots of social clubs that celebrate a particular culture, gender, or interest. This is a great way for students to get to know other people who have something in common with them either in their background or their particular field of study. In fact, students can make excellent networking connections through on-campus social clubs that can help them later in their career.

3.  Make independent study a priority

Although studying in a social environment can be more fun and sometimes more encouraging, students new to college also need to make independent study a top priority. Some assignments are just better done in the peace and quiet of the library study room with little to no distraction. Studying solo is one of the best ways students can maintain a high GPA and discern their strengths and weaknesses at this level of learning. It also allows students to develop academic skills and study methods that meet their specific learning styles (READ: Going Back to College A Mature Student’s Guide).

4.  Leave time for healthy eating and exercise

College campuses are notorious for unhealthy food and, although students walk all around campus, they often sit in the same position for hours at a time. One of the best ways to combat these difficulties is to utilize the school’s fitness center and make sure they’re getting a balanced diet. Even if a student eats a lot of junk on their meal plan, they can eat healthy foods such as fresh fruits and veggies without needing to cook at all.

5.  Spend some time off campus once in a while

It’s also important for students to spend a little bit of time off campus every now and again. Although the majority of their socialization will be on campus, there are tons of things going on out there past the edge of the school parking lot. Students should immerse themselves in the town or city they’re studying in, get to know it’s local culture, and see what type of job opportunities will be available to them upon graduation. Once done with college, students won’t be grouped in with people exactly their age ever again. It’s good for college students to interact in some way with individuals in the general public, so they are prepared to join a diverse workplace and socialize with different types of people.

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