After school activities: 5 tips to make tutoring sessions fun


At this point in the year Students have an opportunity to look back at their experience thus far and think about what’s working and what’s not. Many students determine that it might be time to get some extra help from a tutor and really hone in on being successful on that one difficult subject that’s still holding them back. Whether it’s a third grader who needs help with math or a high school student who needs to refine their personal organization skills, tutoring can offer students an opportunity for a one-on-one experience to improve their academic life. However, a lot of kids think of tutoring as something that is not very fun, and so they avoid it. Tutoring sessions can be a lot of fun if the student, tutor, and parent work together – our experienced Los Angeles private tutors are here to help you succeed in the New Year.

1.  Create the setting

The first thing the student and tutor can do is create an atmosphere that makes tutoring more enjoyable. Maybe a young student sits on a beanbag chair instead of at their desk or perhaps they get to write with their favorite glitter pen. Classrooms have so many rules that it can make learning less exciting than it really is. Of course, these rules are there for a reason and help maintain order in the classroom but, when kids are working in a one-on-one situation, there’s a lot more flexibility. If it’s a nice day, perhaps tutoring can occur in the backyard. Maybe a student needs a little bit of background music to concentrate and block out any other noises in the house. Each student is an individual, and it’s important they create a setting that works specifically for them (READ: 5 Reasons the New Year is the Best Time to Get a Tutor).

2. Ask the student to teach the tutor

Although this seems counterintuitive, students really like to lead the session if they are at the right maturity level. During the school day, students spend most of their time listening and may not get to participate as much as they want, especially if they are in a larger classroom. However, during an in-home tutoring session they have the opportunity to be the leader from time to time. They can teach the tutor about a new topic they’ve learned at school, or they can talk about their favorite hobby. When students can explain a topic to somebody else, they are demonstrating that they have completely mastered the material. If a student is struggling with long division, they should make a goal actually to teach this to the tutor. Once they can do this, they know they have become incredibly successful at the skill they’ve been working on.

3. Choose topics the student is really interested in

Many students work on reading or writing with their after-school tutor. They should talk to their tutor about subjects they would like to read about or learn how to do. If the tutor chooses the right reading passages, the student is more likely to be successful because they are reading something they love or are curious about. When students read about dry topics, they tend to zone out quickly, so an inherent interest in a topic is essential.

4. Take adequate breaks

Students also need to take adequate breaks because nothing is fun when they’re overly tired. Before commencing a tutoring session, students should make sure they’ve had a little bit of time to run around and get out extra energy as well as have a snack if they’re hungry. If younger students are working for longer than an hour, they should plan a five-minute break to relax and refocus.

5. Encourage open and honest communication

Students should also focus on open communication with their in-home tutor. If the session is moving too quickly or slowly or if the material is overwhelming, the student should let the tutor know right away. The more the tutor knows about the student’s learning process, the more they will be able to adjust the session to the student’s individual needs.

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