Some elementary school students absolutely love their classroom experience while others are less excited. There are so many factors that can affect a young student’s interest in education but most, at some point, will need a little bit of encouragement to stay motivated. This is especially true right before and after a school break whether students are at home for a week or a couple of months. Luckily, there are some tips available to help students at this age stay on track.

Focus on the positive

It’s definitely important to keep things positive when helping a young learner stay motivated. Perhaps they had an increase in grades on recent assignments or maybe they have just finished a challenging topic or have been able to study more independently. If a student feels like their efforts are being noticed, they are way more likely to want to keep on track and take on the next difficult assignment.

Work with an expert to improve

 Sometimes it can be a challenge for parents and caregivers to figure out exactly how to motivate a child because they don’t see what’s going on in the classroom on a daily basis. In that case, working with an educational expert can help bridge that gap. Private tutors often specialize in certain age groups and really know what makes students feel frustrated or motivated on any given day. They can work with students and parents to help figure out what each individual learner needs to become excited about their education.

Ask the classroom teacher about learning patterns

Another great way to get insight about how to motivate any student is to talk with their classroom teacher. Teachers have the benefit of seeing students Monday through Friday and can identify certain learning patterns that may develop at different stages. The older students get, the more challenging homework assignments and classroom expectations are. Also, as students get farther into their elementary experience, they might start to develop favorite, and least favorite, subjects in school.

Allow the student to take appropriate breaks 

It’s also essential for students to be able to take appropriate breaks when they are trying to stay motivated. Perhaps they are working on a lengthy homework assignment for a class they don’t particularly enjoy. Everything becomes harder when children are tired, so having a break that’s the right length for their age will be an essential tool and help them stay on track and enjoy their education, even if it’s a topic they’re not naturally interested in.

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