Irvine Private Tutoring Tips: 5 last-minute tips to ace your finals


Finals are just around the corner, and many students are scrambling to finish their study sessions on time. Because students will take several tests in one week, finals study can become overwhelming very quickly, and students may experience high levels of stress. The amount of work a student has to do will vary based on their grade level and the subjects that they find most challenging. However, there are some universal tips and tricks that students can use to ace their finals even if they’re starting their study sessions last minute – it’s never too late to book your private Irvine tutor for finals.

1. Get organized

The first thing every student should do is get organized. This is especially true for students who are starting their study sessions late in the game. Organization might take a few minutes up front, but it can save students from so many problems later on. The 5 or 10 extra minutes are worth it. Students will know what it is they have to work on the most, which things they have to study first, and which things they need to talk about with their tutor.

2. Look at your current grades

Students should also look at their current grades in each class before commencing their finals study. The grade they have in the class going into the final may determine how much time they spend studying for the final exam. Students going into the final with an A will probably be more relaxed whereas students going into the final with a C or C- may want to put in the extra time to get a high score on the final exam (READ: Tips From an Irvine English Tutor: Why Students Struggle With English).

3. Determine how much each final exam is worth

Many teachers count their final exams as a full 10% or 20% of the class grade. That means the student’s overall grade in the course could change by a full letter based on how well they do on just one exam. On the other hand, some teachers make their final exam worth almost nothing, and others will give take-home exams or assign a research paper instead of a test. It’s important for students to know what they’re getting into before they dedicate time to a particular course of study.

4. Find out if the exam is cumulative

Before starting final study students should also determine whether or not the final exam in each class is cumulative. Cumulative means that the final exam covers the entire year and, generally, everything is fair game for the test. Some teachers will have their final exam cover information from just after the midterm up until the last day of class instruction while others still will have the final exam cover only certain chapters or sections of the course. It’s essential to know what to study before studying it.

5. Prioritize

Students should also sit down with their tutor and prioritize what they need to study. If they have always been an A+ student in English and literature classes, they may only need to do a simple review of that course. Alternatively, if a student has always struggled to achieve a C in their science courses, they will probably need to do some pretty intensive study before finals week. Prioritizing can make a huge difference in any student’s success when it comes to final exams.

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