Fullerton Tutoring Tips: Four Ways to Stay Focused on Education in the Summer


Now that we are well into summer, and trying to stay cool, it’s essential for students to evaluate how prepared they feel to go back to school if it were to start tomorrow. Don’t panic! School is not starting tomorrow, but soon enough it will, and you don’t want to be academically rusty. We don’t blame you for wanting to ditch the books in favor of the beach, but you can have both over the summer.

As a private Fullerton tutor, I’ve had plenty of experience using my “time off” to get ahead in my academic career. Whether you are preparing for your upcoming ACT/SAT ( our Irvine private SAT and ACT tutors are here to help) or getting a head start on your college applications, summer is the perfect time to get ahead in your academic career.

1. Book a Private Fullerton Tutor

The header might sound like a plug, and it is, but hear me out. It’s difficult to stay focused in the summer, especially at school, which is why a private tutor who works around your schedule is the perfect way to stay on track and reach your academic goals. Tutors from TutorNerds are experienced and organized and will customize a plan specific to your needs.

2. Start a Blog

I’ll be more specific, start a blog about something you are interested in studying. For example, start a blog about your favorite artist or historical figure. Blog about history, bugs, music, anything that requires you to do some research and learn in the process. Since it will be about a topic you love, it won’t seem like homework. Plus you’ll be building up your writing skills, which is always a plus.

3. Visit a University You Wish to Attend

Even if you’re not a junior in high school, you can still set your academic goals high by visiting a dream university. You’ll get to do some traveling, possibly meet someone who attends or teaches at the college and gain some incentive to work even harder in the coming school year.

4. Set Goals

If you didn’t do as well during the school year as you hoped to do, set some goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. For instance, you can buy a Calculus workbook and set the goal of finishing all of the practice problems in the back before the end of August (your private Irvine math tutor will help). Once you accomplish a goal, reward yourself with a fun summer activity or a favorite meal. You’ll thank yourself that you put in the extra work over the summer when you start classes in the fall and don’t feel behind.

There are many ways to focus on your education over the summer that doesn’t take away from your much-deserved break. Again, TutorNerds is always here for any of your academic, test prep, and college application needs.

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