Thinking beyond freshman year: 3 things to consider when choosing a college – Tips From a San Diego College Admissions Consultant


Most students think about their freshman year when choosing what college to attend. This makes sense because it will be the most important and transitional year in their lives thus far. However, the college experience will last four years and each year will be an essential part of a student’s overall education. Students also need to think about choosing a major field of study by their junior year and job placement opportunities upon graduation. They are encouraged to think about these three things before making a final college choice – our private San Diego college admissions consultants are here to help.

1. The general education curriculum

Both freshman and sophomore year will be focused on General Ed. There may be some courses that students are really excited about, but they should find out how likely they are to get into their first or second choice class. Many colleges are entirely impacted, meaning there are more students attending the school than there are seats for them to sit in. The General Ed curriculum might have tons of opportunities for students to explore potential majors or personal interests but they need to feel confident they’ll be able to find a spot in these classes before they have to move on to junior year. If not, students will have to choose between attending college, and paying tuition, for a 5th year or missing out on those classes altogether.

2. Potential major options

Many students enter the college environment as ‘undecided.’ This means they don’t know what they want to study and they’re not going to declare a major until their junior year. Students who are undecided need to make sure there are several different options available to them when it comes time to make a choice. Most, but not all, larger public schools offer a wide variety of major options while smaller schools tend to specialize in just a few things. Some students are 100% sure they want to study something in particular. However, many of those students change their mind part way through so even students who have declared a major in their application should research what their other options might be just in case (READ: College Decisions: 3 Things to Think About).

3. Internship opportunities

Thinking about internships while also dealing with all of the other things that come with applying to college is entirely overwhelming. However, after students complete their freshman or sophomore year, they should consider the value of an internship with the right company. Most freshmen are too tired to think about an internship after their first year but, sophomores and juniors are usually well-adjusted to the college environment and have the time and opportunity to do a summer internship. Students who know what they want to major in are encouraged to look into internships with local companies that might be hiring new graduates. Students can also use internships to determine whether or not they want to work in a particular field for 30 years or more. It’s important that the college support these internships by giving students credit, but it’s also essential that there are enough companies in the local area who take on college interns over the summer.

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