Tips From a San Diego SAT Tutor:4 ways to improve your SAT math

Students are starting to study for their SAT exams and may notice that the math portion is a little bit more complicated than they originally thought. There are so many things today’s test prep student has to learn when it comes to numbers, and they’re encouraged to work on some tips and tricks before the big day. Whether students are memorizing formulas they haven’t worked on in a while or grasping new concepts, it’s important to improve skills to get as many points as possible on the SAT exam. The more students practice their math skills, and the sooner they get started, the more likely they are to be able to improve their score on the math portion of this life-changing exam – our private San Diego SAT tutoring will help you improve your score.

1. Work on multi-step problems

Many students struggle with multi-step issues because they make an error somewhere in the calculation chain. If a student makes even one wrong calculation, their ultimate answer will be incorrect. It’s important for test prep students to figure out where they went wrong and correct that particular step. After this, many students fine that multi-step problems are not as hard as they thought. A test prep tutor can help students break the math down into different parts and help the student achieve consistent Improvement (READ: 4 Reasons to Focus on San Diego SAT Tutoring Now).

2. Identify error patterns

Another essential element of SAT math is to identify patterns of error. Individual students tend to make the same mistake or series of mistakes over and over again, something that can cause them to lose a lot of points on the exam. Alternately, if they figure out where they went wrong students can end up getting a ton of points just by fixing one or two common errors. It’s important for students to talk with their teacher or tutor to identify their error patterns and then work on fixing them well in advance of the big day.

3. Review old formulas

Test prep students often discover they have to do the math they haven’t worked on for a couple of years. This can be frustrating because it’s math they already know but have put the back of their mind as they’re learning new concepts. It’s essential for test prep students to review old formulas on a regular basis even if it’s a small part of their SAT study. Students should also review formulas in the days leading up to the exam, so the information is fresh in their minds.

4. Increase speed and accuracy

Because the SAT has a strict time limit, it’s also essential for students to work on speed and accuracy. They need to focus on problem identification, learn what the question is asking for, and practice doing their computations as quickly as they can while still achieving the correct answer. This is something students can start out practicing in their tutoring sessions but should also work on extensively in their self-study. The more practice a student has, the more likely they are to be quick and efficient when they’re taking the actual exam.

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