San Diego College Tutoring Tips: 5 Excellent Places to Study on Campus


College campuses have tons of places where students can study, but some are better than others., Some students want to be around activity and be able to drink a cup of coffee while they finish their assignments while others need, to be in a quiet and isolated environment without any distraction to be successful. It’s a good idea for students to think about how much concentration they need for a particular assignment or paper and also consider how convenient a study spot is to their dorm building or other classes.

1.  The library

The library is one of the best but most underutilized spaces on campus. Most college libraries have multiple floors where students can find a quiet spot or even a separate room for group study. Different parts of the library will have access to electricity and Wi-Fi so students can use their laptop during longer sessions or gain access to the library computers where they can look up academic journals or articles to use as sources for term papers. Of course, students need to keep the volume down in the library so this option is better for study sessions that require a lot of concentration but not a lot of socialization.

2.   The dorm suite

The dorm suite is a convenient place for students to study at odd hours or when they need to be close to home. However, dorms also serve as living quarters and are not especially quiet, so this study spot is better for basic study or review that doesn’t require an excessive amount of focus. Some dorms also offer a study space on the first floor where residents can study separately from their roommates. This can be a really convenient option if students need to study early in the morning or late at night (READ: 5 Things to do Before Going Off to College).

3.  Outdoor space

When the weather is mild students should take advantage of the many outdoor spaces colleges have where residents can get their work done while enjoying fresh air and the sunshine. Being outdoors is invigorating and helps students push their brains through intense study or brainstorming sessions. Outdoor spaces are a pleasant place to study but students will deal with plenty of distraction, especially when classes get out and 100s of other students wander by.

4.  Off-campus options

Sometimes students just need to get off campus in order to get their work done. Most colleges have lots of options for students to study nearby, such as coffee shops or cafés. Also, most towns still have at least one municipal library where students can go to crack the books. Library cards are free, and students will have access to plenty of reference material. Coffee shops near campus are usually full of other studying students, but they are still quieter than the on-campus alternative. Off-campus options are also helpful for commuter students or when several students need to get together to complete a group project. Once students are living in off-campus housing, these types of study spaces become a lot more convenient.

5.  Late night study sessions

It’s inevitable that students will have to work late into the night when midterms and finals week rolls around. However, it’s important for students to find a safe and convenient place to study after hours that will make it easy for them to get back to their dorm room or student apartment once they’ve finished their assignments. Some of the best options in this type of situation include study rooms connected to dorm halls or coffee shops that are open late where students can study around other people.

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