San Diego College Tutor Tips: 5 things to think about before taking a summer internship

Completing an internship over the summer is one of the best things a college student can do to secure a full-time position in their field upon graduation. Internships offer students the opportunity to business network and learn what a typical day on the job would be like. There are lots of internships available to students in every field, but one size does not fit all. Completing an internship can last anywhere from two weeks to three months for a summer session, some are paid while others provide only college credit, some are very useful, and others may not lead to much more than a line on the resume. There are some things college students should think about before lining up an internship, so they make sure they find the right fit.

1.   How long do you want your internship to be?

Some students want to get just a little bit of experience or want to dabble in a few different fields before declaring a major. If this is the case, a two or three-week internship might be the best opportunity. Students won’t have to commit an entire summer to one company, and they’ll still have time to take a summer course or maintain a part-time paid job. On the other hand, some internships pay students for their time and provide a more in-depth look at one specific field or career. These internships could be two or three months long and end up being the student’s sole commitment over the summer. Students should think about what their priorities are before making up their mind (READ: 7 Tips for Studying While Traveling).

2.   Can you get credit towards graduation?

It’s essential for college students to receive credit towards graduation; in fact, most internships require students to arrange for credit instead of being paid. However, earning elective credits is not the same as receiving credit in one field that helps the student get closer to graduation. Students should talk with an academic or career advisor on campus to make sure the internship is right for them based on their academic and career goals.

3.   How useful are the business networking opportunities?

One of the primary benefits of a summer internship is the opportunity to business network with professionals in the field. Some internships provide tons of networking opportunities while others don’t get students much closer to a job contract. Internships aren’t going to advertise their pitfalls, so it’s important for students to do a lot of research ahead of time including talking to upperclassmen in their major field of study to get some personalized advice.

4.   Are there any expenses or travel required?

Most companies offering internships understand that students are working on a strict budget and that they may not even have their transportation over the summer. However, other positions require interns to incur a certain number of expenses or even pay for their travel. Students should think about the feasibility of any particular position to see if they can afford it and if their commitment will pay off in the end.

5.   What specifically do you want to get out of your internship?

The most important thing for students to ask themselves is what, in particular, they want to get out of the internship at the end of the summer. Do they want to determine if a career field is right for them? Do they need to earn extra money? Do they want an introduction to a company they’ve always dreamed of working for? Students are encouraged to make a list of questions they can discuss with their academic advisor or even ask during an interview. Planning ahead is the best way to make sure students can find the right fit when it comes to looking for an internship.

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