Tips from a San Diego College Admissions Consultant: 5 ways to deal with the stress of waiting to hear back from colleges


If students have to wait a long time to hear back from colleges, it can create quite a bit of stress. Applicants have put in a significant amount of effort to apply to colleges and the period between the winter holiday, and April or May can seem like an eternity. Although students have to focus on being successful in their classes and taking any final advanced placement exams in the spring, they still have a lot more time to think about their future and where they might end up next year. There are several ways students can cope with this stress in a healthy manner, so they are ready to make the right choice once they start getting emails back from universities – our San Diego private admissions consultants have a 97% success rate.

1. Focus on school work

Although it may seem like the worst of the work is over after the first semester of senior year, there are still plenty of things students should focus on to successfully finish their high school career. Students need to pass each class to maintain their admissions to colleges and universities. In fact, some universities require a 3.0 average or higher to maintain admissions. Students will also need to focus on their advanced placement exams and aim for a score of 3 or higher, so these credits count towards their college graduation.

2. Spend valuable time with friends and family

It may not seem like it now, but once students go off to college, they won’t have as much opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Of course, they’ll have an opportunity to make several new friends and open their eyes to a whole new chapter of life. But, quality time with lifelong friends is an important part of a high school student’s schedule, and they should take this time to enjoy it really.

3. Look for scholarship opportunities

Many students don’t look for scholarships because they don’t think they qualify. Unfortunately, that means they miss out on a ton of scholarship opportunities that could have made their first year as a college student a lot easier. Even if a student doesn’t qualify for a hardship scholarship; there are tons of opportunities based on the student’s ability to write about a certain subject or experience. Most of these scholarships pay less than $1,000, but there are ample opportunities available for students who take the time to look (READ: 5 Signs You Need a Math Tutor in College).

4. Focus on an after school sport

Many students decide not to participate in after school sports during the term they apply to college. Everything they have to focus on becomes overwhelming, and they just don’t have time to be at school until the early evening. However, exercise is one of the healthiest ways to deal with the stress of waiting to hear back from colleges so now’s a good time for students to get back to their favorite sport. If the official school sports team requires too much of a commitment, there are tons of other opportunities for students to participate in an after school sport of their choosing. Students can join a gym or sign up for the community sports team with a reasonable time commitment.

5. Just breathe

Although many students forget to do it, sometimes it’s important just to breathe. There will be plenty of time to be stressed out and overwhelmed when students are enrolled in their first semester of college. In fact, it’s probably a good idea for students to have a little bit of downtime and just relax, so they have enough mental energy to tackle their first semester as a college student.

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