5 reasons the New Year is the best time to get a tutor


It’s just about that time; kids are back in school, and they are nearly halfway through the school year. They have learned a ton of information in the short few months between summer and winter break and have been demonstrating this knowledge through assignments and tests throughout the first term. One thing that can be a little bit difficult this time of year is that students have been using mental energy consistently, Monday through Friday, for several months. Additionally, they have several months left to complete until they reach their summer break. As a result, January is a great time for kids to get a little bit of extra help with personal organization and academics (Our private Orange Country tutoring will help you succeed in the New Year. Call us today to learn more).

1.  Maintain mental energy

We ask a lot of kids to be successful in the classroom ten months out of the year. They have to maintain mental focus and absorb new information constantly throughout this period as well as demonstrate it through assignments and exams. Many students get totally overwhelmed with the amount of focus required to be successful. However, working with a tutor in a one-on-one environment can help kids discover their organization, learning style, and individual academic needs. Tutors can help students work more effectively and efficiently, so they don’t use more energy than is necessary to reach their goals.

2. Improve grades

This time of year parents get their kid’s final grade sheet for the first part of the year. This offers a chance to reflect and look at how well students have performed and how well they are likely to do until the end of the year. Working with a tutor in the comfort of the student’s home can help them improve grades and tackle those difficult topics that end up bringing down their overall GPA.

3. Start preparing for college

As students progress through high school, they may also need help preparing to apply to college. College prep can become so time-consuming that it’s almost like having a part-time job in addition to all of the assignments students are already doing in the classroom. One on one tutors can help streamline the process of applying to college whether they’re working with students to study for the SAT, choosing the right set of colleges to apply to, or working on those all important personal statements (READ: San Diego Tutoring Tips: Teach Your Kids About Internet Research) .

4. Get a fresh start

In many instances, students just need a fresh start at this point in the year. Maybe they’re struggling with personal organization, behavior, or self-motivation. Perhaps a student has been overwhelmed with a really difficult subject, and the stress is affecting their ability to do well in their other courses. January is an ideal time for students to get this fresh start and look forward to the rest of the school year with a positive attitude and a good chance at success. When students work with a tutor, they have an opportunity to put the previous semester behind them and look forward to a future of positive solutions to academic problems.

5. Give parents a break

Another great reason to work with a tutor during the New Year is to give parents a break from helping with after-school work. Parents are a great help to their kids but spending countless hours explaining math and English concepts can become just as overwhelming to the parent as to the student. One-on-one tutors can help alleviate stress and give parents time back so they can have quality time with their family or enjoy some well-deserved peace and quiet.

Make 2017 the year of academic success with the help of our Orange County private tutoring. From test prep to foreign languages and college admissions, our experienced SoCal tutors are here to help.

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