Tips from a San Diego Economics Tutor: 4 Reasons to pay attention in economics class

Every high school senior will take a semester of economics. It’s a tough class, and many students will find some of the theory difficult to comprehend at first. This makes sense because economic systems are complex and confusing. They vary from country to country and are easier to understand when people have been in the workforce for a few years. However, it’s essential for students to have an understanding of the economy in which they live so they can venture out into college and career with their eyes open and make smart decisions about personal finance – our private San Diego economics tutors are here to help you succeed in economics class.

1. Learn about economic cycles

One of the first things Econ students will learn about is the different economic cycles that take place throughout history. It’s good for students to know that a booming economy will eventually wane and a recession will eventually end. Most things are temporary, and students should be prepared for different situations throughout their adulthood. It’s fantastic if students can learn these basics before they go off to college or start working. The cycle in which they graduate will greatly affect their opportunities at the time and can help them choose a positive career path that will put them in a good place for their future.

2. Focus on personal opportunities

Paying attention to economics classes can also help students learn about personal opportunities. Although it can seem miles away for a high school student, things, like renting an apartment, leasing a car, and eventually buying a house, are not that far away. Students can also research which career fields will give them the lifestyle they want to have and how they can fit their skill set into the current economy. Some career fields will have a lot of competition while others will be looking to hire tons of entry-level people (READ: 4 Ways to Come Back from a Bad Grade).

3. Become educated about personal finance

Economics classes can also help students become well-educated about their finance. Students who have a summer job will already know a little bit about the value of the dollar and how quickly it can be spent. Once students go off to college, they’ll have to deal with student loan debt, credit cards, a personal budget, and living expenses. Knowing even a little about how to budget money can make a world of difference for a college student going out into the adult world for the first time.

4. Make good career decisions

Students can also learn how to make smart career decisions by studying the economy. They want to learn skills that will not be replaced by technology in the next few years, but they also want to learn how to use technology in their favor. It’s a great idea to go into an in-demand career field but what’s in demand today might be different from what will be in demand 5 or 10 years from now. Studying the economy can help inform students of what society is looking for shortly and what skills will be necessary to keep the economy rolling. Students can also research the median salary of different career fields in their area and learn about the cost of living vs. standard of living in different parts of the country. $1 can mean very different things depending on where a student lives and what lifestyle they have.

Struggling in economics class? Our private, in-home San Diego economics tutoring will help you succeed.

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