AP courses are some of the most challenging that high school students will take. The amount of homework and test preparation are on par with a college course, so it’s no surprise students in these classes need some extra help. Small group study and one-on-one private tutoring can help students succeed in these courses, ultimately boosting their college applications, or even helping them reduce their course load once they start university. However, it’s important for AP students to ask their tutors the right questions so their sessions can be individualized to meet their particular learning needs. 

How often should I have a session?

Because each student is an individual and they will need help more or less during different times during the semester, it’s important to talk with their tutor upfront about what their tutoring schedule will be. Generally, students would meet with their tutor at least once a week but they might need several more sessions as they’re preparing for tests throughout the year or for the final AP exam. Students who are part of a study group or who are participating in small group tutoring should consider when they meet with their tutor in relation to when their study group meets to make sure they’re getting the right amount of help and staying on track.

How will I prepare for the actual AP test?

Taking tests and quizzes throughout the year is very different from taking the actual AP exam.  Students will need to understand the content of their coursework with great detail but will also work on test-taking skills, in particular how to complete the questions on the exam in the allotted amount of time. Completing questions and essay prompts in a limited amount of time is a skill in and of itself. Talking with their tutor up front will help students know when they need to start preparing for the exam and what test-taking tips and tricks will help them the most.

What should I do if I’m falling behind?

AP coursework and study can be intense, so if a student is starting to fall behind or feel overwhelmed they should mention this to their tutor right away. Students might need a modified tutoring schedule, or they might need to look at the remainder of their after-school activities to see where they can find more time for study or improve their work-life balance, depending on their individual circumstances. Students are encouraged to make note of questions or specific assignments that are giving them the most trouble so their tutor can prioritize sessions when necessary. 

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