Orange County Tutoring Tips: End the year strong with these five things to do in December


It’s that time already; the calendar year is almost over, and students are halfway through the school year. Whether in kindergarten, middle school, or college students and their parents are excited to have a little bit of time off during the winter holiday. However, students still have a few days left to study for finals and hand in those last-minute assignments before they can enjoy some family time this winter. Although each student is following their path, there are some things that every student can do this December to end the year strong – our private Orange Country academic tutoring will help you score high on your finals.

1.  Check your GPA

The first thing older students should do is look online to see what their current GPA is. Many teachers and professors offer extra credit for optional assignments that students must complete by the end of the semester to boost their grade in the class. Many students avoid doing such assignments unless their GPA needs to be higher. However, many students forget to check what their current GPA is and find out this important information too late. Students in their college prep and college years will find our current GPA especially critical to their success.

2. Get help if needed

Many students choose to take a wait and see approach when it comes to getting help on their assignments. However, even the most intelligent students can become overwhelmed with stress or just their overall workload by the end of December. Students are encouraged to take a look at their current stress levels as well as their level of success in their courses to see if they need to arrange a little bit of extra help starting in January. Students may need to work with a tutor or a study group to help them with time management or study skills as the year goes on (READ: After School Activities: Tear Your .

3. Arrange a study group for January

Another great thing students can do to end the year on a high note is finally organize that study group. By this time of the year, students will know which of their peers are highly motivated and would make great study buddies. Encouragement from classmates can be a make-it-or-break-it situation as students work towards completing another year of education. This type of camaraderie can be especially helpful to students who are applying to college or adjusting to their first year of university life.

4. Work out a new time management system

Many students, regardless of their age, will find out that their current time management simply isn’t working anymore. Students will have more assignments and a lower energy level as the school year progresses and completing assignments in an efficient manner is a key to their overall success. Now is a great time for students to sit down and figure out how they need to adjust their schedule or priorities to make the remainder of the year fruitful and low stress.

5. Don’t forget about a work-life balance

It’s also really important that students remember to have a work-life balance. Many students sit in a classroom for six or seven hours and then come home to do the same thing over again to complete their assignments on time. This can become cumbersome very quickly, and students will miss out on downtime, socialization, and physical activities that are all essential to their overall well-being. If students find that they have been taking on too many responsibilities or simply not able to have a life outside of the classroom, December is a great time to take a step back and look at what’s important and what can wait until later on.

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