Orange County Private Tutoring tips: 5 Benefits of Online Supplemental Education

Students have been benefiting from online tools and education technology for the past several years but, with each new year, there are more options for students who need to participate in supplemental education services. Whether students just need a few hours of extra help to prepping for their SAT exams or several hours a week to supplement a home school program, online tutoring can help just about any student. Once students learn how to get set up with online education, they can start enjoying the flexibility and convenience of working with their favorite tutor within the comfort of their home or dorm room – check out TutorNerd, our new in-home academic tutoring and test prep service.

1.  Convenient scheduling

One of the fantastic things about online education and tutoring is that students and tutors have a lot more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. When working with a tutor in person, most students must schedule a minimum of one hour and their tutor may not be available at odd times of the day. However, when it comes to online tutoring, many tutors are willing to have a short 15 to 30-minute session to help a student proofread a paper last minute or help a student get started writing an outline. When both student and tutor are in their homes or home offices, scheduling is a lot easier.

2.   Work with your favorite tutor

As time goes by, students may move into a different stage of their academic career. They can switch from public to a private school or from high school to college, usually meaning that they have to find a new tutor in their new geographic area. With online education, students have the opportunity to work with their tutor in a different city or even in a different time zone. It can take a lot of time to build a rapport between tutor and student and, after a while, tutors get to know a student’s specific learning style and needs. Having the flexibility of online education makes it possible for students to maintain the benefits of a good match with their supplemental educator.

3.   Utilize document sharing

One of the cool things about online education is that students can easily share documents with their tutor in real time. Tutors can also loop in parents when appropriate so that everybody is on board with assignments with looming due dates. Online educators can make suggestions on a document that everybody involved can see and tutors can also see what a student is typing in real time. Document sharing makes online tutoring very similar to in-person tutoring in this respect.

4.  Multiple communication options

These days there are so many different ways educators and students can communicate in a digital environment. Although options like Skype are still popular, tutors can also communicate through YouTube videos on a private channel, email, split screen technology, and so on. Students will even have the option to compile a list of questions and send it to their tutor with the quick response time similar to that of working with a TA in college. Online education is extremely convenient, but it also gives students the opportunity to take charge of their education and take responsibility for their time management and scheduling.

5.  Flexibility for parents

Only tutoring also provides a great deal of flexibility for parents. If they have a younger kid, they can stay in the room and fully engage in the tutoring session, or they can move about the house after they help get their child set up with their online tutor. When older students are involved, parents might not even be in the house, allowing them to do what they need to as part of their work or domestic schedule. Parents can be exactly as involved as they want to be while still ensuring that their child is getting an excellent supplemental education.

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