Tips from Your O.C. Private Tutor

Getting advice on studying from teachers and parents can sometimes yield ordinary, old-
fashioned or just boring results. Private tutors are great resources because they’re usually peers; students who have recently had to go through many of the same things you do. We’ve studied while Facebook tries to distract us, and searched online through all kind of junk to find the best sources. Today I’ll be discussing unique study tips you probably haven’t heard before. Read on to discover what could be your next study saver with these insightful tips from an Orange County tutor.


Become a Recording Artist

Ever wonder why you can remember songs you hate by can’t recall the names of countries for this week’s geography class? It’s all about repetition. When you hear songs regularly they get stored in your memory and recalled quickly. Consider recording yourself reading notes or study information, then load it to your MP3 player or burn it to a CD. This allows you to study while doing other activities, like working out, doing chores, or driving to school. Listening to the information on a regular basis will help improve your recall and may help you on the next big exam.

Get Up and Move

Some people learn better when they are active, so use this to your advantage. Put information on flashcards and lay them around a room, forcing you to move between cards. Take a notepad with you and go for a walk to organize your thoughts for your next paper. Be sure to stop when writing; safety first!

Stay Fueled

Keep snacks nearby to keep your stomach and mouth busy. Some of us are multitask machines and need small distractions to keep us busy. Always reach for the veggies, fruit and nuts instead of junk food. If not food, try something to drink. Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter; just make sure to watch your caffeine and sugar intake.

Super Shower Study Session

Have a big test coming up? Take a copy of your study guide, slip each single-sided page into a plastic zip-lock bag, and tape it to the inside of your shower. Most of us spend way too much time in the shower anyway, so maximize your time by getting some studying in too. Just seeing the information on a regular basis helps in recall, so don’t focus too hard.

YouTube – the surprise resource

Use YouTube for help. It may not answer your exact question, but there are plenty of intelligent people uploading videos daily on all academic topics. Narrow down your choices by popular or highly rated videos by people who maintain a professional appearance. You never know what the next animation or silly phrase could do to help you comprehend material. Check out Crash Course and Hip Hughes History for good examples.

You probably didn’t expect some of those, huh? Studying doesn’t have to be torture. Have an open mind and be willing to try something new the next time you hit the books. Check back again for more wild tips and tricks from your very own Orange County tutor.


Have a fantastic weekend, Orange County!

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