Tips From an Orange County College Consultant:  5 places to study on campus


Students who are settling into their college experience can find it difficult to locate a consistent study spot. It’s important for students to have multiple places they can go and complete homework assignments or study for exams. Additionally, students might want to have a daytime and evening study spot, so they don’t have to walk all the way across campus at midnight after an all night, last minute cram session. Some students are on a small campus where they will already feel at home in their new environment while others will be on a huge campus that they’ve only just started exploring.

1. The dorm room

A dorm room can be an adequate place to study if roommates are out and about but it’s usually inconsistent. Many students struggle to get a good night’s sleep in their bedroom if they also use it as a study space, and so they start venturing out to look for other options pretty quickly. However, studying in a dorm room is a decent option for students who need to pull an all-nighter because they are conveniently at home when it’s time to call it quits (READ: 5 Things to Avoid the First Month of College).

2. Common room

Most dorms have a common room on the bottom floor where students can spread out and get all of their textbooks organized for long study sessions. There are usually plugs for laptops or tablets and couches to make students more comfortable as the hours go by. The common room in a dorm is also a great late-night study location because students only have to walk up the stairs when they’re finished working. Also, common rooms are often near the dining room, which makes it convenient to take a quick lunch or dinner break and then get straight back to studying.

3. The library

The library is an ideal place to study when students need to limit distractions. Maybe they’re working on a final draft of an essay or need to study for midterms. Libraries are much quieter making it more difficult for a study group to work together but, at the same time, easier for a student to concentrate if they’re studying solo. Students should remember they can utilize any library on campus even if it’s not the one meant for their major field of study. If an English major lives right next to the medical library, they can still use the facility to study in peace and quiet.

4. The student center

Universities have at least one student center on campus with food, entertainment, and conversation readily available. This is a great place for students to work in a group because they’ll be able to converse easily without disturbing others. Additionally, student centers are often located in the middle of campus so students coming from a variety of different classes can meet conveniently. The down side of a student center is that it’s pretty noisy and often has limited hours so students will need to find a secondary location to study in after hours or when they need to concentrate more.

5. Off-campus study spots

Students living off campus find it more convenient to avoid the parking issues within the university environment. Additionally, sometimes students just need to get away and give their full focus to the task at hand. Nearly every college town will have several coffee shops and cafes that are across the street from campus and cater to the student population. Most of these are a reasonable walk or bike ride from the dorms thus students living on campus can get away easily. The downside of off-campus study options is that, if students forget a textbook in their dorm, they have quite a long walk back to retrieve it.

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