Tips From a Private Orange County Tutor: How to Make the Most Out of Your Study Session

No matter how smart you are, odds are you’ll have to invest some of your time studying for your classes. Studying is a big part of being a student, and a key to success when it comes time to take exams. Studying is also essential for students preparing to take the ACT, SAT, or any other form of entrance exam.

Below are four tips to help you make the most out of your study sessions.

1. Mute All Distractions

Checking your Instagram every few minutes? Is the TV on in the other room and you can’t stop listening to it? Whatever the distraction may be, it’s best to put it on mute so you can concentrate. Remember that where you study matters. If you’re going to try and study in the living room while your siblings gossip and watch TV, you’re not going to retain what you are learning. A solution would be to study at the library, which is always a calm and quiet oasis for students.

What about that phone? There are apps that you can use to block websites such as Instagram and Facebook for a certain amount of time. Shutting these distractions off completely will make for a much more productive study session.

2. Make Sure You Are Organized

Once you finally get the willpower to sit down and study, the last thing you want is to get up and look for something. Before beginning your study session, make sure you have all of the right materials, books, notes, etc. that you will need. Keep the documents organized  so you’re not scrambling through a bunch of papers the whole time. A little organization can go a long way.

3. Take breaks

If you plan on studying for a few hours, it’s important to take breaks so you don’t overload the system. Leave your phone and computer inside and take a quick walk around the neighborhood. Just don’t take too many breaks (READ: 10 Reason Why You Need a Summer Tutor).

4. Use a private OC Tutor

As mentioned in the previous tips, studying can be overwhelming. Do you have enough time? Are you forgetting about something? Have you mastered a topic enough to move on to the next one? These are all questions that a private Orange County tutor can help you answer. By assessing your workload and how you performed on past tests, our tutors will make sure you are focusing on the right things while studying. Further, our private OC tutors are full of tips and insights when it comes to studying and test taking, which is why they’ve been so successful in their academic careers.

Our private OC tutors are here to help you with studying, test prep, and anything else you could need help with in your academic career. Call TutorNerds today for more information.

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