As students approach the middle of their academic term, it can be easy to start to feel some burnout and struggle to find the motivation to push through more challenging assignments. This is a normal part of a student’s learning process, and it’s one that students can cope with if they have the right amount of support. Each student is an individual, and the specific assignments they struggle with will vary, but there are some universal tips and tricks students can use to deal with the mid semester slump.

Join (or start) a study group

Students who are having trouble getting started with assignments or just generally feel worn out by homework, may find that studying in a social setting can be motivating. Mid semester is a great time to join a study group with peers who have similar academic goals, and who are taking the same classes. If a student cannot find a study group that’s convenient to join, they might consider starting one of their own. Typically, students will share similar struggles in their various courses and can help support one another when it comes to perseverance. Alternately, different students will have different strengths, in which case they can help each other fill the gaps when it comes to study habits.

Start working with a tutor

Mid semester is also a great time for students to start working with a tutor, or to start working with their tutor on a regular basis. Many students will work with a tutor here and there to help study for exams, for example. But, if that student is starting to feel burnt out by mid semester, arranging a regular and consistent schedule with their tutor might help them stay on track and lower stress. Tutors can help students organize, prioritize, and arrange for extra study when needed. The more consistent a student’s support is, the more likely they are to be successful in the long run.

Search for balance

Creating a balanced work-life scenario is a lot harder than it might seem. Students can have different tasks piled on to their schedule one at a time, and before they know it they have way too many things to complete. Students who are feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated at this point in the term should look at reprioritizing their goals and looking for ways to balance their schedule. For instance, is there something they are committed to regularly that they could complete over the summer? Do they have time during their weekends to take some time away from school work and recharge? Students who are struggling to find balance on their own should talk with their tutor and prioritize assignments so the most important things get done first.

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