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“I’ve never made a discovery myself, unless by accident.” – Martin Gardner


Get Out Your Calculators, Orange County!

Sunlight blankets the palms as two Black Phoebes chase each other through the blue sky. It’s spring again and math is in the air. Wait, math? That’s right, April is Mathematics Awareness Month, and it’s up to us to make it a good one. With hopes to increase public appreciation for math, Ronald Reagan announced “Mathematics Awareness Week” in the 1980s.  As you probably guessed, one week just wasn’t enough for a topic as important as math, which is why the whole month of April is now dedicated to the study and awareness of math.


Each year a new theme is selected to be the primary focus. For instance, 2012s theme was “Mathematics, Statistics, and the Data Deluge.” This year great minds will be pondering the theme, “Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery.” As far as activities/events go, each year is different. Search Google for activities planned by local Orange County schools, communities, museums etc. In addition to what’s happening locally, those interested in acknowledging the month can look to the internet for additional activities. Here are a few:

Activities for Math Awareness Month – Math books, math poetry, online math games.

Activity Calendar – Visit this site each day for a new topic within this year’s theme. The site is also a great resource for general information on MAM.

MAM 2014 Activities – Visit for a daily theme essay!

Math is important – It always has been and it always will be. As we’ve mentioned before, doing well in math is incredibly important in today’s world. That being said, don’t fall behind. If you’re struggling in your math course you must seek help right away. The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to catch up. Contact us today to get matched with the perfect college educated in-home tutor. Whether you’re in Orange County, Los Angeles, Irvine, or San Diego, we’re here to help.


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