Learning should be fun for children and teens, something that can be forgotten in the midst of tests, applications, and challenging learning environments. Learning means experiencing education with all the senses! Tactile projects help kids stay engaged, art allows students to create, experiment and work in groups. Field trips help kids understand the world around them. Classroom learning is also an important part of any education as it brings students together to learn from their teacher. Sometimes learning can become inefficient and it feels like students are just completing task after task without a break in sight, and eventually learning stops being fun. If your student is struggling to stay motivated at school there are a few things you can try.

Identify repetition in the student’s daily learning

Sometimes students sit at a desk and try to work on one type of homework problem over and over again. They might be struggling with the material or having a hard time organizing their thoughts, or they might just be procrastinating because they’re bored. Any such situation can drag on a student’s day and fill it with activities they are not interested in, making learning and school seem like a huge chore. Unfortunately, this type of repetitive cycle can also take away from the subjects and activities kids really enjoy. The first step towards fixing the problem is identifying it.

Consider group tutoring

Group tutoring can be a great option for students who need a social element to learn. This can be especially beneficial for teens who want or need to have conversations about the material or encourage each other to hang in there when the material gets challenging. AP students often benefit from small group tutoring, usually groups of 3-5, because they all have the same ambitious goals.

Add a fun element to the student’s week

Balancing out strenuous academics with a few hours of fun each week can really make a difference in a student’s happiness and attitude towards their education. Some time to power down the brain and try something creative or active is essential. Students benefit from an art class with hands-on projects that are not graded or a casual sports team that focuses on fun and friendship. Individual sports are also a great option and can be a good fit for students with a tight schedule.

Encourage your student to communicate when they’re struggling

Another essential element to keeping learning fun is to encourage kids to reach out to parents and teachers when things are getting tough. Younger students can be fairly vocal when they are bored or frustrated at school but older students, especially during the college prep years, might feel the pressure to succeed without help or support. If a teen needs academic or organizational support, they are not alone and help is available. 

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