Irvine High School Tutoring Tips: So you survived your first semester of high school, now what?


Congratulations to all of the students who are finishing up their first semester of 9th grade! Aside from college, this is one of the biggest transitions students will ever face. High school level learning offers more work, tighter deadlines, and more independence. Coming from middle school, students are faced with an entirely new gamut of responsibility essential to their success now as well as during their college prep years – perform even better in the second semester with private Irvine high school tutoring from TutorNerds (we have tutors in every subject).

1. A reward for hard work

Students have worked hard to complete their transition to high school and will be heavily rewarded with… more hard work. This is the unfortunate truth when it comes to a high school education. Students barely have time to practice what they’ve already conquered when more information is thrown at them. In the working world, most people have the opportunity to practice their newfound skills and refine them before they are given an opportunity to move on to the next level. High school students are expected to take in tons of information in just a short period, but one of the best coping mechanisms for this is to learn how to pace yourself.

2. Pace yourself

High school is a marathon, not a sprint. Students who can break their learning up into smaller chunks and add adequate rest are more likely to be successful academically while maintaining a level of happiness. Learning how to pace also helps students lower their stress levels and enjoy all aspects of their life at this stage. Many students want to start and finish an assignment in one sitting, something that was possible in middle school, but discover they generally need several study sessions to finish long assignments. Pacing takes a lot of practice so students should remember they may have to face some trial and error before they find a system that works well for them (READ: 5 Ways for Students to Adjust After Holiday Break).

3. Develop good study habits

Another thing that’s extremely important at the high school level is to develop good study habits; certain things are universal. Students need to leave adequate time to finish assignments and also avoid procrastination. However, each learner is an individual and will have varying academic needs. 9th graders need to develop more independence as well as be able to communicate with the teacher when they don’t understand something. At this level students are expected to start the conversation rather than wait for the teacher to ask them if they need help.

4. Create an open line of communication with the teacher

In elementary school, students are usually all too happy to raise their hand to ask or answer a question. Unfortunately, this type of enthusiasm tends to disappear during the middle school years. Part of the transition to high school is learning to regain his enthusiasm and be a self-starter when it comes to communication. Students should ask the teacher questions during class or at a specific Q & A session if available. At this level students can also email teachers if they want to speak privately or if an important question comes up during at-home study sessions.

5. Choose your friends wisely

Now that students have finished their first semester of 9th grade they should think about making good choices when it comes to socialization as they move forward. Peers will be more or less interested in their education, and some students will encourage their friends to study hard and have good priorities. Other students may provide an unwelcome distraction. A great group of supportive and motivated friends can make all the difference during their high school years.

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