Tips Form an Irvine SAT Tutor: 5 ways to prepare for the SAT this winter


Although spring is the most popular time to take the SAT, many students are choosing to take it in the winter these days so they can focus on their advanced placement exams in May. Also, students who take the SAT during the winter will have the option to take it again at the end of the school year if they want to improve their score. It’s hard enough to get used to being back in the classroom after winter break so when students add in test prep they might feel a little bit overwhelmed. One of the best ways students can prepare for their SAT is to find a good balance in their schedule and work on time management so they can have enough energy to get through the end of the school year as well as do well on college entrance exams (our experienced Irvine SAT tutors are here to help you score high).

1.  Prep in advance

One of the easiest ways students can maintain a healthy work-life balance while studying for the SAT is to prepare well in advance of the big day. Students who leave things till the last minute often become overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do and this type of frustration can certainly stress a student out and potentially lower their score. When students create a study timeline they have an opportunity to meet goals one at a time as well as have extra time to prepare in case something else comes up.

2.  Create a personalized study plan

One size does not fit all when it comes to test prep. In fact, almost every single student will have different needs. Although most students have are strong in either math or English, their skill sets often require that they need to work on different subcategories of these core subjects. The best way for students to start their personalized study plan is to take a full-length practice exam, or at least a shortened version thereof so they can determine which skills they have already developed and which ones they need to work on (READ: 5 Awesome SAT Apps).

3.  Leave enough time for non-academic activities

By this point in the year students are already stressed out so, if they add test prep to their weekly routine, they may run out of steam before June. Instead, students are encouraged to plan some extracurricular activities into their schedule, so they don’t feel overwhelmed by all the work they have to do. Students with a rested mind and a positive attitude towards education, in general, tend to be able to focus more and score higher on important exams.

4.  Meet up with friends to study

Another great way for students to prepare for their winter SAT is to meet up with friends after school and study. A social setting provides a positive learning environment and classmates encourage each other to persevere through difficult topics while at the same time having a little bit of fun. Students can either meet up with other people preparing for the SAT at a coffee shop near school, or they can have a fully organized study group with a tutor to lead the session.

5.  Work with a tutor to assess strengths and weaknesses

Last, but certainly, not least students are encouraged to work with a tutor in a one-on-one environment to assess their personal strengths and weaknesses. Because each student has a different learning style, they can benefit greatly from working with someone who can advocate for them and help them figure out how best to manage their time up until the big day. Test prep tutors work with tons of students year after year and recognize patterns that can either help or hurt a student’s chances of reaching their test prep goals.

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