Tips From an Irvine Math Tutor: 3 Great Ways to Help Your Kid Excel at Math this Summer


Math is one of the core subjects and is important for every young student to learn and master, but it’s also one of the harder subjects and a fair portion of students struggle when it comes to calculating numbers. Students who are always a little bit behind will find math frustrating and start to avoid it, making the situation even worse. Summer is a great time for students to sit down in the comfort of their own home and work with a one-on-one tutor or attend a summer school program to gain math skills that they found challenging throughout the school year. Because students won’t have to focus on other subjects over the summer, they can give 100% of their mental energy to math and, hopefully, feel more confident with numbers once they start school in the fall – want to improve your math grades? Book a private Irvine math tutor for the summer.

1. Set an individual pace

Many younger students struggle with math because they need a little bit of extra time to understand the concepts and the process. More often than not, students must move on to a new lesson immediately upon understanding the original concept. When it comes to math students, they need time to practice their newly developed skills and become comfortable calculating a particular type of problem before they can move on. If students are working on math over the summer, it’s essential that they can set their own individual pace, so they have time to practice what they’ve learned before their brain has to comprehend something new all over again.

2. Apply math to the real world

Many students become bored with math problems, and consequently stop making an effort, because they don’t understand why math is important. Many math textbooks demand a set of problems without an explanation of why these calculations are important. When students see that they can apply computation to the real world, especially something they are interested in, it becomes more exciting and encourages students to focus on the task at hand. Students might utilize geometry to build a model house or some other kind of structure that requires careful measurement and correct calculation of triangles, squares, rectangles Etc. Students could apply fractions to a recipe and learn how to cook or bake as part of the process. Once numbers are applied to real-world situations, they become a lot more interesting (READ: Tips from a Fullerton Reading Tutor: 3 Ways to Work on Reading this Summer).

3. Take breaks

When a student is working on a topic that has been difficult for the past year they will start to view it as frustrating. Everybody gets frustrated at some point, but younger students have a lower frustration tolerance, in general. If students are working on math two hours a day, Monday through Friday, all summer, they will probably learn to hate math all over again. Since their brains are working hard to refine a new skill, students are probably better off having breaks in between sessions. Perhaps they work on math Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday. Taking breaks from learning is an essential element of the overall process.

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