Tips From an Irvine English Tutor: 4 Reasons Students Struggle in English Class


It’s essential that students perform well in English classes because this will be the basis of many of the things they will do throughout their K through 12 and college experience. Students also utilize English composition skills throughout their careers as a communication tool. Many students struggle with English and, although each student is an individual, there are some universal things that students tend to struggle with – call us today for more information on our private Irvine English tutoring.

1. Spelling and grammar

Spelling and grammar in the English language don’t always make sense. There are tons of rules, and tons of opportunities to break the rules within a specific context. Many students get bogged down by all of the different ways they can misspell or fail to communicate something on an assignment or paper. Some students feel so anxious about this that they can’t get started. Luckily, today’s student has a wide variety of study tools to turn to that can help them create paragraphs that flow well, make sense, and get the point across. Whether students are running spell check, using grammar apps, or working with a private tutor, they should be able to improve spelling and grammar issues in no time.

2. Too many chapters

One of the most common complaints students have is that there’s just too much reading to do in one day. Some students can speed read through several chapters while others need more time to sound out words and comprehend what is going on with the plot and characters. Students might struggle with novels or with nonfiction text they read in any class. One of the things students can do is get a syllabus from the teacher ahead of time, so they can go at their own pace without falling behind. Students can also work with a private Irvine English tutor to help with reading comprehension so they can work more efficiently.

3. Writer’s block

Almost every student will suffer from writer’s block at some point. Whether students are trying to come up with a thesis, analyze works of fiction, or respond to a specific prompt, it can be really hard to get started. One of the best ways students can approve this issue is to write a detailed outline with bullet points, so they know what they’re supposed to write about at each turn. Students should also focus on writing, and just writing in the beginning and not worry so much about having great sentence structure or perfect grammar. They can always go back later and fix these things as part of the editing process (READ: Irvine Tutoring: Five Ways to Get Your Kid to Love Reading).

4. Dense works of fiction

Most students will receive a reading list in which some of the books are a little bit denser than others. Many students have trouble relating to characters who lived centuries ago or understanding the context of the period. Students may also find that verbose paragraphs make it more difficult to understand what’s going on. Many authors feel that it takes 200 words to explain something that only needed 20. One-on-one tutors can be helpful in this situation because they explain what’s going on during the period, talk about what the characters’ lives would have been like, and help students understand how to make their thought process more concise.

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