5 goals every new college student should have


Starting out as a new college student can be one of the most interesting transitions in life. It can be exciting and overwhelming, fascinating and isolating. This is such a great time for students to learn about the world around them, meet new people, and increase their ability to earn a great living and have a fulfilling career. Nearly every college student has goals, but they don’t always know how to get there or which ones are the most important as they transition through their freshman year. Although each student is an individual, there are a few things that every college student can do to make their experience more successful (Our experienced Irvine college tutors are here to help you get into your dream school and succeed.).

1.  Take an interesting elective class

It’s important for new college students to set a goal of taking one class a semester that they’re truly interested in. This will allow them to expand their knowledge and truly enjoy learning while in the college environment. Although there are a plethora of general education courses students in their freshman and sophomore year need to take, there is plenty of room for an interesting elective class. Students don’t get to choose the courses they want to take in high school so they should take the opportunity to choose what they learn at university (READ: 5 Tips for Stress Management When Applying to College).

2. Try something new

College is a great opportunity for students to expand their knowledge whether they are meeting friends from other cultures and backgrounds, learning a new skill, or studying abroad. Universities offer new students tons of opportunity to try something new without making a commitment for an entire semester. Students can join a club or organization where they meet new people, join a volunteer group on campus, or sign up for a one-day seminar. In addition to academic exploration, there’s plenty of opportunities for students to experience new social situations. For example, a student might join a multicultural club or volunteer to fundraising for an important cause. The most important thing is that students can step out of their comfort zone and experience university life.

3. Obtain an internship

Another great goal for new college students to have is to obtain an internship during the summer term. Internships are fantastic opportunities to make connections, get recommendations, and meet new people. However, internships don’t pay anything, so it’s important to get college credit and have something to show for it. Internships are also competitive so students are encouraged to talk to an academic or career counselor who can help them find an appropriate opportunity. Some internships last an entire summer making it difficult for students to take classes or work in their downtime. However, other internships only last a week or two and give college students insight into what it would be like to work in a particular field before they declare a major.

4. Socialize

This goal is a tricky one because students who socialize too much will be tempted away from their studies and may find themselves in academic trouble. However, it’s important that students have a chance to bond with their peers and make future professional connections while in the college environment. A sense of community can help students support each other as they progress through this important time of life. Academics will become overwhelming at some point, and students need the support of friends and classmates to continue to persevere and be successful. Socialization in appropriate amounts is an important part of a well-rounded college experience and is something students should be able to enjoy.

5. Learn how to communicate effectively

Last but not least, students need to learn how to communicate before they enter the working world effectively. It’s important for students to know when to ask for help and when they need to persevere on their own. It’s also essential for students to work as a team and explore their strengths and weaknesses. One of the most common complaints of employers is that their employees don’t know how to communicate appropriately. Thus, a student who has great communication skills is likely to be very successful in the first couple years of their professional career.

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