4 math apps for young students this fall


When it comes to educational apps, there are a few requirements. First of all, the apps have to be easy to use and visually engaging. It’s important to keep young students attention after all. Additionally, these apps should be fun and perhaps feel more like a game than homework. Most importantly, though, it’s essential that any educational app a young student uses gives them the information they need to be successful on a test and throughout a study session. One of the most popular categories of educational apps is mathematics. This is a subject where many students struggle and they soon find out that practice makes perfect. Check out these math apps this fall to help kids stay engaged and be successful in the classroom – call us today for more information on our private Irvine math tutoring services.

1. Todo Number Matrix


This app is made for young students in pre-k to the first grade. It helps them with the initial elements of mathematics by working on basic but critical skills such as categorization, addition, and subtraction.  It’s great for visual Learners who will be able to interact with virtual blocks and various representations of numbers like fruit and basic geometric shapes. This is an excellent way to keep little ones entertained while they learn about the important foundations of numbers and how they relate to each other. As children advance, they can continue working on multiplication or even fractions. This is a simple but useful tool for young students (READ: 5 Fun Projects to Get Your Kids Interested in Math).

2. Bedtime Math


One great way to get young kids to love math is to have them work on it a little bit every day; once it becomes part of their routine, it will start to become fun and engaging. A great way to do this is by using the free app called Bedtime Math. Kids can have fun and be engaged with silly and cute characters such as electric eels, flamingos, or even chocolate chips. This is a great way to get kids smiling about an important academic topic. There are 1600 different math problems kids can work on as they go through their daily practice. There’s also an option to have a math problem of the day so kids can work on their skills regularly. Additionally, as young students improve they can move between three different levels ranging from “wee ones” to “little kids” to “big kids.” This is a great opportunity to get kids hooked on math on a daily basis.

3. Todo Telling Time


One of the basic functions of math is to understand how numbers work in real life situations. Kids can apply numbers to real life by telling time. This is a imperative skill that many little kids find challenging and stressful. They also need to learn how long different increments of time are and where they need to be at a certain time in the schedule of their day. To help kids learn this important skill they can work with Todo Telling Time. This fun app helps kids learn about the different functions of time and contains six multi-level mini games with themes ranging from a Ferris wheel to playing with the family puppy.

4. Counting Caterpillar


Another important skill for young students to learn is how to count. Whether they’re starting with “1, 2, 3” or learning to count by 2s, 5s, or 10s they can work on these important skills while using Counting Caterpillar. This is an adorable app that allows preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn how to count. There are both intricate graphics and sound effects to keep little ones engaged and interested while learning this rudimentary skill. Children are also given ample positive feedback while using this app so they can stay positive and maintain a high confidence level. There are multiple levels for users to go through as their skills begin to develop. Counting Caterpillar is a fun and easy way for youngster’s to get started learning numbers.

In addition to using math apps, make sure your child is prepared for their math classes with the help of private Irvine math tutoring. Call us today for more information.

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