Tips from an Irvine History Tutor: 5 Awesome Reasons to Study History


History is part of a student’s core curriculum and also a fairly difficult topic to comprehend. After all, there are hundreds and hundreds of years that students can discover and learn about. Depending on how the information is presented, history can either be somewhat dry or entirely fascinating. History tells us about ancient cultures and exotic lands. It tells us about the ideals and goals of our ancestors and the everyday life of a person at any point in the past. If students are struggling to understand why certain elements of history are important, they should think about these five fantastic reasons to study history – excel in your history classes with the help of our private Orange County history tutors.

1.  History repeats itself

Students who look at several hundred years of historical events will notice that history tends to repeat itself. Wars are started over and over again; economic cycles go up and down, and various trends in medical or technological advancement tend to improve the lives of people all over the world. Viewing history as a series of cycles is an interesting concept and will also help students think about modern topics such as economics, politics, and even medicine. The present is inherently a part of history and students can view what they’re learning about in current events as history in the making. This can make the subject as a whole much more fascinating to learn about.

2. Cause and effect

Cause and effect is also a really important element of history, which students can view visually when looking at charts & graphs or timelines. A conflict might turn into a war; a war might turn into a peace treaty, advancements in medicine can lead to longer life spans, and increased technology can encourage people to move from the country to the city. Cause and effect offer important lessons to be learned about all aspects of life and is something that students can study over and over again in their history class.

3. The lives of our ancestors

It’s interesting to think about how people used to live 100, 200, or even 300 years ago. Students can compare many elements from ancient history to present day including lifespan, quality-of-life, different jobs that were available, interactions with multiple cultures, integration of technology and so on. It’s important to know how things used to be to understand how things are today. This can help students understand both social and economic progression as they move through their entire academic career.

4. Scientific theories and beliefs

Another thing students can learn from history is how scientific theories have changed over time. At one point people thought the world was flat and now we have traveled to the moon and back. We now know there are stars & galaxies, we know how to synthesize antibiotics in a lab, and how to improve the quality of life in general. It’s fascinating for students to learn how science as a topic has progressed over time and also learn how they can combine science and history and understand how they affect each other.

5. The world has changed

From history, students can learn how the world has changed and how it might change in the future. When students look back hundreds of years into the past, they might be surprised to discover what their life would have been like. Because history encompasses all elements of life (that just happen to be in the past), students can learn how historical events have shaped our lives today and how the choices we make might shape our future. This is a pretty big life lesson to discover and a great way to focus on interdisciplinary studies as students apply history across all subjects.

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