Tips form an Irvine AP Test Prep Tutor: 4 Ways to Prep for AP Exams


Spring testing season is just around the corner, and advanced placement students are, hopefully, getting ready for these important exams. AP courses can count towards credit in college and help students gain admission to top universities. There’s no time to waste so students should take advantage of tips and tricks that will help them succeed by earning a score of 3 or better. Whether a student is in a writing-intensive course or one that requires advanced calculations, there are some tried-and-true ways that any AP student can prep for an exam – it’s never too early to book your Irvine AP test prep tutor.

1. Start early

It’s essential for AP students to start their study sessions early on. It’s tempting to leave this task until the last minute, but students who do so won’t have the opportunity to enhance their skills before the big day. AP students should talk with their tutor or classroom teacher about what prep materials would best fit their particular needs and which concepts they should be focusing on. The more time a student has to study, the more opportunity they have to increase their abilities and take mental breaks throughout their sessions.

2. Focus study sessions to meet your individual needs

Every student is different and will need help with different aspects of their AP courses. In general, students are encouraged to sign up for a course within a field of study that they are interested in or have a talent in. However, sometimes students are limited to courses that their school offers in a particular year. Students are encouraged to look at their strengths and weaknesses or enlist the help of a professional who can create a study plan that will help them succeed. How much a student studies and what they study will also be dependent on the score they’re hoping to earn. Different colleges and universities will have varying standards and students are encouraged to look up this information in advance.

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3. Writing samples

Students who are in writing-intensive courses are encouraged to do a few practice essays or free response questions as part of their study plan. Students can start by responding to a sample question and take as long as they need. It’s important not to have too much pressure in the beginning but, by the time students take the real test they should be confident they can complete their essay within the amount of time allotted. The more students practice, the more likely they are to be able to respond to a question quickly and efficiently without having to make too many grammar or spelling corrections.

4. Get test prep materials

There are tons of test prep materials available to today’s AP student. Many of these supplemental materials can help students focus in on their strengths and weaknesses and figure out what it is they need to improve. Students will also have access to full-length sample tests and can practice timing themselves, so they know how long it takes them to complete a particular type of question. They can go over these results and develop a study plan that will best meet their individual needs.

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