Follow These Tips From an Irvine Academic Tutor to Beat Senioritis


During the last month of school, it’s tempting for seniors to feel like they’re already on vacation and forget about what’s going on in the classroom, including some very important issues that could potentially affect their future. Students who will be on scholarship need to maintain a certain GPA and students who have conditional college admissions letters (which is nearly everybody) need to keep those grades and test scores up in order to continue with their plans for this fall. Senioritis is normal and has been happening for generations but, it’s important for students to stay focused on these next couple of weeks and remember that school is still in session.

1. Maintain a regular after-school schedule

It’s essential for students to make their after-school study schedule a priority until they take their last final exam. That means coming home or going to the library and studying, as usual, continuing to meet with their tutor, and staying away from friends who are skipping homework to start summer early. Maintaining a regular schedule also includes taking a reasonable amount of breaks and having enough downtime for the brain to recharge in order to finish the school year strong. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed at this point in the year, and students are encouraged to make relaxation a priority in between study sessions (READ: 10 Reasons You Need an Irvine Summer Tutor).

2. Keep your eye on the prize

When seniors become tempted to ditch responsibility in favor of summer activities, it’s important to remind them of everything they have achieved in order to get to where they are today. This includes getting excited about attending college in the fall. Talking about academic programs and major fields of study might be overwhelming at this point, so it’s better to focus on the fun aspects of university life such as finding a student apartment, looking at social clubs and organizations to join, or focusing on social and entertainment activities that take place on campus. Students who remember the big picture are more likely to be able to stick with high school academics for these next couple of weeks.

3. Continue to work with your tutor

Part of avoiding senioritis includes maintaining regular sessions with a private tutor. Students should continue to work with their tutor in order to stay organized through the end of the year and also focus on final exams as well as any final projects that are due the very last week of school. Working with a one-on-one tutor on a regular basis forces students to stay on track and be held accountable for assignments they haven’t yet completed (READ: Tips From an Irvine Tutor: 5 Last-Minute Tips to Ace Your Finals).

4. Make study social

Students who are tempted to socialize in lieu of completing homework assignments at this point in the year are encouraged to make their study time social in order to ensure academic success. There’s nothing wrong with working in a group just so long as each student is committed to doing well on final exams and completing any individual assignments. Students should consider working as part of a study group when focusing on subjects they generally do pretty well in and just need the motivation to stay focused or review. On the other hand, they might be better off studying solo or with their tutor when it comes to that one challenging topic they generally need extra help with.

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