Students who develop good study habits and use them consistently have the opportunity to enjoy a successful academic career whether they are starting Junior High or learning at the University level. Learning good study habits is one of the building blocks of being a great student, but it’s often overlooked. Students get so busy dealing with school assignments and extracurricular commitments that it can be easy to forget about the basics, important as they may be. 

Scan for information

Learning how to scan for information within a text is an essential tool for students, especially  when they enter the college prep years. Some students will read every paragraph within a text slowly and thoroughly, meaning they don’t locate the information they really need efficiently and ultimately become fatigued. Students can work with a tutor to learn how to scan for keywords and terms they’re going to be tested on, and focus their attention on the portions of the text relating to their assignment or classroom discussions.

Take efficient notes

Many students either take almost no notes at all, leaving out important information and forcing them to read text repeatedly, ultimately adding stress and fatigue to their daily routine. Other students might take notes on absolutely everything, making it more difficult for them to sort through information that is essential versus extraneous. Working with a tutor can help students learn how to take efficient notes so they can create a streamlined study process. 


Part of having a successful study session also means prioritizing. Students should organize their study timeline into a streamlined list of which assignments need to be done first by due date and by the amount of time they expect they will need to finish the assignment. Each student will have individual strengths, meaning what works for one student may not work for another. When students learn more about themselves as students they will be able to prioritize more efficiently.

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