Fullerton College Admissions Consultant Tips: 4 Great Ways to Boost Your Student Resume


GPA and test scores are just part of the college application process. Most colleges and universities want to see a well-rounded student who can add to the community once they’re living and learning on campus. Students are encouraged to think about what they can do to improve their student resume and stand out among the crowd while also exploring personal interests. When students do volunteer work or community service they also have a chance to figure out what they want to study while in college and want to do for a job once they graduate – our private Fullerton college consultants are here to help you succeed.

1. Get involved in your local community

Each community has different needs, which provide varying options for students in different areas. High school students will have a wide variety of opportunities to get involved in the world around them outside of the school environment. Students are encouraged to pick something they’re interested in because they will be spending a substantial amount of their free time on this activity. A future veterinarian can volunteer at a local animal shelter, and a future teacher can participate in peer tutoring. Of course, not every student knows what they want to do at this stage so they can take the opportunity to try several different things before settling on long-term volunteer activity.

2. Start a club or organization after school

It’s a good idea for students to get involved in extracurricular activities. Students who are especially motivated can even start their school club. Founding an organization shows a ton of initiative to get something started from scratch and demonstrated excellent leadership skills. High school students will need the help of motivated peers and a teacher, but they should be prepared to do a lot of the work themselves. Students who don’t have enough free time to start their organization should consider joining an existing club that fits their interests.

3. Apply for an internship

Most people think internships are just for college students, but many high school students will have the opportunity to work at a professional organization over the summer. They may be doing this on a volunteer basis, or they might be getting paid, but they will learn valuable lessons about the workforce. Just the process of applying for an internship will help students understand what it’s like to apply to college and a full-time job in the future (READ: 5 Great Ways to Help Pay for College).

4. Improve your work ethic

It’s essential for college-bound students to have an excellent work ethic. Once they get into the college environment, they will have a lot of responsibilities but little supervision. Universities know this and want to see that students can handle the workload and follow through on their responsibilities. Students can demonstrate this by improving their work ethic at school, resulting in higher grades and positive teacher recommendations but they can also get a part-time job over the summer. When students maintain a part-time job, they are demonstrating that they can show up on time, follow directions, learn from mistakes, and work successfully with others. There’s no mistaking the value of part-time work at this stage in a student’s life.

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