Study burnout may seem far away as students enjoy their summer break. However, once they start fall semester, it can be easy to get into autopilot study mode. Students can forget how to prioritize and when to take breaks, which can easily lead to mid-semester study burnout. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks students can follow in order to avoid feeling overly stressed about the amount of work they have to complete in any given week.


At the beginning of the week, it’s a good idea for students to sit down and prioritize the assignments they have for the days ahead. They might have one assignment that’s due earlier or later in the week, or another assignment they think will be particularly challenging. It’s important to understand in which order assignments should be completed to keep stress low and avoid burnout.

Work with an expert

Students who are entering middle or high school, or who just need a fresh start, will find working with a private tutor can help them develop an individualized study plan that ultimately leads to success throughout the semester. One-on-one tutors offer the attention a student needs to figure out how to tackle challenging assignments and get extra help when necessary.

Stay in communication with the teacher

If a student is struggling to finish assignments on time or is feeling overly stressed about study in general, they should reach out to their classroom teacher. Many teachers can offer helpful feedback on how to approach different assignments and may be able to offer advice on how to move forward with a study plan.

Stay organized

It can be all too easy to forget an important assignment or due date if organization is lacking. Staying on top of things will help students stay on track and lower their stress. Something as simple as having a checklist, where students can see what they have accomplished and what they still need to do can be really helpful when it comes to organization. 

Take great notes

Taking notes, in any class, is an essential study skill every student needs to have a successful semester and avoid study burnout. When students become overwhelmed with the amount of information they have to absorb in a short period of time (especially when it comes to studying for midterms or finals) they can look back at their notes to refresh their memory without having to read an entire text a second time.

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