Irvine High School Tutoring Tips: 4 Things Every High School Senior Should do Before Graduation Day


It’s an exciting time of year for students about to finish high school as they are closing one chapter and opening another. Students entering college in the fall will begin a whole new life as an adult student with a lot more freedom and the ability to start choosing classes that they’re interested in as well as making their own schedule. Before they get to college life, there are some things that every high school senior should think about before commencement to make sure they are on track and heading towards success – our private Irvine college prep tutoring is here to help you prepare for college.

1. Look at your final GPA

It’s essential for high school seniors to take a look at their grades going into final exams and then double check their GPA before they forget high school forever. It’s important that all grades are correct and that their scores are sent to the college of their choice, assuming they had a conditional acceptance. There’s often a little bit of paperwork to complete at the end of the year, and many students forget about it because they are excited about moving on from high school and enjoying summer (READ: Irvine Math Tutoring Tips: How to Excel at Math this Summer).

2. Apply for scholarships

Students will likely already know if they won a substantial scholarship, but there are additional opportunities to help finance a college education. There are tons of smaller scholarships ranging anywhere from $500 up to several thousand dollars. Most require that the student already has been accepted and agreed to attend a particular college or university so now is the best time to apply. Many students will have to write a short essay or describe why they are deserving of a scholarship, something that can seem daunting after already taking AP exams and writing lots of essays for college admissions. However, writing a short essay can be a lot easier and take a lot less time than it would to earn $500 at a part-time job. Every penny makes a difference.

3. Attend the final meeting of a favorite club or organization

Many seniors will stop attending extracurricular activities due to senioritis. Unfortunately, students are missing out on a lot when it comes to clubs they’ve been a part of for the last couple of years. In the last weeks of school, students have an opportunity to say goodbye to good friends and teachers, contribute to the community they are leaving, and put their final stamp on their high school career. End-of-year meetings also tend to be more social than official so students will have an opportunity to enjoy the social aspect of extracurricular activities.

4. Celebrate your achievement

It’s also important for seniors to take a step back and celebrate everything they’ve achieved in the last four years. There’s been a lot of hard work, seemingly endless tests and exams, tons of tutoring sessions and group study, as well as plenty of homework assignments. Now is the time for students to celebrate all their hard work before moving on to the next chapter (READ: 4 Habits Students Need to Develop Before Going to College) .

Graduating high school is a major accomplishment, and all grads should be very proud of the work they accomplished. While it’s important to celebrate and enjoy your summer, you also have to start preparing for college. Our private Irvine college prep tutors are here to help.

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